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    IoTea time in the factory

    IoTea time in the factory

    April 28, 2016

    Following on from her previous article with us (in a similarly fantastical theme), Kilara Le continues to explore hot topic, the Internet of Things, here. In another look into a possible future, Kilara shows us how factory life could change through the IoT – with a robot for everything! 

    It’s Time to Create

    It’s Time to Create

    April 26, 2016

    “It’s time to rethink and reinvent your brand image.” Lectra’s latest guest article is aimed directly at designers; exploring ways in which designers can stand out against competitors, maintaining a unique and innovative perspective. 

    ‘The Pencil Revolution’ and the future of design and illustration

    ‘The Pencil Revolution’ and the future of design and illustration

    April 22, 2016

    Lucy Royle shares her first exclusive article with WhichPLM, in which she discusses the transformative ways of working for designers in our industry – from paper and pencil to CAD and beyond. Lucy is a fashion designer with extensive experience working for global brands.

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    Production Tracking: Compliance and Ethics

    Production Tracking: Compliance and Ethics

    April 19, 2016

    Peter Needle shares his thoughts with us In a WhichPLM exclusive article, originally running in our Annual Review 2014. Needle serves as Managing Director for Segura Systems, where he leverages his experience of helping retailers and brands achieve true supply chain transparency.

    Transparent Pricing; Upping The Ante On Compliance

    Transparent Pricing; Upping The Ante On Compliance

    April 12, 2016

    In a WhichPLM exclusive article, originally running in our Annual Review 2014, Ben Hanson continues the publications’s insight into global supply chain and sourcing practices (and the regulations and brand management factors that affect them) by highlighting the possibility that current ethical and environmental standards may be far from the last word in compliance.

    Supply chain transparency: the modern metric

    Supply chain transparency: the modern metric

    April 7, 2016

    In a WhichPLM exclusive interview, originally running in our Annual Review 2014, Ben Hanson speaks to Yussef Bictash, Operations Manager for UK high street brand, REISS. Yussef is a vocal proponent of ethically and environmentally sound sourcing and supply chain practices.

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    Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 09.21.51Each week, this section will highlight a new question & answer as reported in our 5th Edition Report, designed to give our loyal readers invaluable end user feedback. All questions can be found in the hard copy publication.


    If your implementation was contracted out to a third party, do you believe they were suitably qualified for this task – well versed not only in the technology itself, but in the particulars of fashion-specific processes?
    What’s next for PLM in fashion?

    What’s next for PLM in fashion?

    April 5, 2016

    Continuing his recent series of blogs with us, WhichPLM Founder & CEO, Mark Harrop, shares his views on the future of PLM for fashion – both near term and longer term.

    The IoT in Apparel: Supply Chain in Wonderland

    The IoT in Apparel: Supply Chain in Wonderland

    March 30, 2016

    In the second instalment in her ‘Internet of Things’ series, Kilara Le, explores what the IoT could mean for your supply chain. A WhichPLM Expert and avid writer, Kilara intertwines her example here with a universal tale to help ground her message.

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    • NRF: Retail’s Big Show 2016, the WhichPLM Report
      NRF: Retail’s Big Show 2016, the WhichPLM Report
      Earlier this month, Kilara Le attended NRF 2016. Packing as much as possible into her two days at the show this year, Kilara gives her exclusive WhichPLM report here, which discussed the breadth of technologies on show this time around.
    • ideation 2015 – the WhichPLM report
      ideation 2015 – the WhichPLM report
      Gerber Technology hosted their annual conference, ideation, for the seventeenth time this year. Top contributor and WhichPLM Reporter, Ben Hanson, shares his thoughts on the conference for us here.   Just before Halloween, more than 400 international delegates descended on the Las Vegas strip for a different kind of celebration – one without pumpkins or poker chips.  Now in its seventeenth year, Gerber Technology’s ideation conference and its backdrop of the towers and travertine of Caesar’s Palace was their destination.
    The Dawn of Digital Print

    The Dawn of Digital Print

    March 23, 2016

    In her first guest article with WhichPLM, Debbie McKeegan, writes about the evolution of digital printing. Debbie is well averse in this world, and sits on WhichPLM’s Expert Board as a pioneer in digital print. As someone who entered the industry decades ago, Debbie has a lot to share.

    On Kondratieff’s Hill

    On Kondratieff’s Hill

    March 21, 2016

    Chris McCann, WhichPLM Expert and Director of Resilient.World, is a key figure in sustainability. Here, he shares his latest views on the times in which we live. Referencing the five technological revolutions we have seen over the past two centuries, Chris shares his thoughts on the ‘Green Age’ of the very near future, and the possibilities it holds. 

    The Internet of Things – transforming topology

    The Internet of Things – transforming topology

    March 18, 2016

    Following on from our CEO’s recent piece on the Internet of Things, he continues his series of blogs here. This time, Mark Harrop discusses the IoT from a more technical perspective, exploring TCP/IP standards, PPP, and Mesh Networks. 

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    AR2014 3D render slanted The WhichPLM Annual Review 2014 is now available to download. Opening with a scene-setting introduction from our CEO, the Annual Review 2014 collects more than twenty brand new editorial pieces from a host of exciting contributors, the results of our most comprehensive end user survey to date, detailed profiles of key vendors, extensive market intelligence and more – all exclusive and never seen before.


    At more than 140 pages covering everything from compliance to the future of PLM around the world, this publication contains something for everyone – from the designer to the CEO.

    Download this issue

    WhichPLM Annual Review 2013 Front Cover In 2013, WhichPLM published our second official 'Annual Review'. This publication followed our extremely successful Annual Review 2012. Not only were the twelve months covered in this report exceptionally busy in terms of core industry events and software developments, they also saw rather significant, tectonic shake-ups to the PLM landscape - from the top down.


    Most importantly, 2012/13 was the year in which the power, where PLM is concerned, transitioned from the marketing departments of vendors around the world into the hands of the customers.

    Download this issue

    The full list of back issues is accessible here.  
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