E-Spec, Inc.

E-Spec, Inc.

941 Deforest Road

Coppell, TX 75019


Tel: (972) 393-4263

Email: sales@e-spec.net



E-Spec is an Adobe® Solutions partner, which means images are at the forefront of our focus. From the creation of an image, we embed XMP data that flows through your business systems. This creates a digital image workflow through the combination of image files and related data; allowing images to flow to all systems instead of remaining locked inside a single database or location. Our suite of products and services utilize Adobe® technology to embed data within the image file; Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, JPGs, PNGs and PDFs; so the files become self-aware, allowing the image to drive your business.

At E-Spec, Inc., our approach is different.

We make your current applications and technological investment perform as an enterprise system rather than “islands of data”.

We bridge the gap between the creative and the analytical; between Design and Engineering; between Macintosh® and Windows®. Rather than replace your applications with a mega-application, we Plug-In our products, leading to faster implementations with more flexibility.

We automate data transfer. Our applications ensure your data is in synch across multiple systems; data is entered into the originating application and is available in “downstream” applications without rekeying the data again and again. We provide tools and services for creation, management, and sharing of “smart” documents and images and for integration with a wide range of leading PDM/PLM and ERP systems.

E-Spec tailors its services to the customer’s requirements. Plug our out of the box applications into your environment and you are off. Need assistance? We can offer business requirement analysis, programming services, system analysis, training and consulting services. We provide off-the-shelf products combined with build-to-order solutions to meet the client’s specific needs and expand our client base.

E-Spec’s experience with apparel PDM/PLM systems coupled with hands on user experience gives us an edge in providing solutions for specific industry requirements. We have experience in a wide variety of technologies; Windows, Mac, AS400; VB, Java,.NET; Oracle, SQL Server, proprietary databases; we have subject experts available for all aspects of your implementation.

Let us show you how to leverage your current technology investment by integrating – not replacing. Here at E-Spec, we help you Plug-In!



E-Spec Tag-It!

Tag-It! is a desktop floating application that can add XMP metadata to a JPG image file or group of files with a simple drag and drop.

E-Spec In-Cat!

In-Cat! is an InDesign Extension add-on that searches and pulls images and data from a database into a user defined InDesign layout template.

E-Spec Route-It!

Coming Fall 2011, Route-It! is an add-on for our JPEG Publisher plug-in that will post any JPG created files from Adobe Illustrator to a web service enabled database. An On-Demand solution for an On-Demand world.

JPEG Publisher New Version 6.4

JPEG Publisher now offers Artboard Separation and is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS5 for Mac OS Lion and Windows 7.

XMP Publisher New Version 3.1

XMP Publisher now offers additional field types such as dependent drop down boxes, check boxes, and multi-line text boxes. Also compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS5 for Mac OS Lion and Windows 7.



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