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Since its formation in 2010, IVI has provided interactive video solutions to the retail, footwear and apparel industries.  Our pioneering software and expertise have helped to establish IVI as leading post-and-pre-production multimedia specialists.

IVI’s Point | Click | Purchase solution is specifically tailored for the next generation of sales and marketing, allowing users to interact with pre-existing video productions.  Following a uniquely effective post-production phase, unintrusive hints within the video allow shoppers to access detailed, relevant product information, and make immediate purchases from within our proprietary embedded e-commerce system.  All without ever leaving the video.

The Point | Click | Purchase solution is a unique proposition.  While video overlays have existed for some time, our technical knowledge and industry experience have allowed to IVI to become the first company to embed a fully-featured e-commerce solution directly into a wide range of viewing platforms.  And not only does Point | Click | Purchase allow our clients to gain additional traction from pre-existing video: the solution also integrates with common sales and ordering platforms, and can extract data from most popular stock control and e-commerce systems.

Revitalising existing marketing assets is just one component of the IVI platform, however, and we pride ourselves on being able to produce truly bespoke interactive solutions for online marketing, educational training, data analytics and more.  As experienced developers and user interface designers, we can ensure that our solutions not only meet your customers’ requirements, but are consistent with your brand experience.

Our qualified personnel possess extensive skills in software development, programming, networking and interface design. In addition to enduring partnerships with Microsoft, Adobe and other major vendors, IVI has established itself as a developer of robust, adaptable and efficient solutions in its own right.


IVI offers completely unique and customisable interactive video solutions to its clients in the retail, footwear and apparel industry, allowing them to retain, enhance and reinforce their brand identity, all while adding pioneering and news-worthy functionality to what is traditionally seen as a non-interactive format.

Most, if not all, of the world’s leading brands use video and motion graphics to highlight must-have items in their latest collection, or to tell an aspirational story that helps to communicate their unique identity.  Point | Click | Purchase is the only available technology that allows customers to purchase products directly from within these videos.  A good percentage of potential sales are lost when marketing assets are required to hand off to external websites for their product information and Shopping Basket functionality.  Using our proprietary solution, these sales are retained within your branded environment, and conducted with convenience for the customer.

Point | Click | Purchase Features

  • Embedded e-commerce and shopping cart functionality
  • One Click to Sales Purchase feature within video
  • Unobtrusive but fully-featured menu
  • Specific individual or multiple / simultaneous item highlighting
  • Optional click-through to multiple levels of information, replicating website functionality within video
  • Subtle yet effective highlighting of key products
  • Accurate item tracking features
  • Integration to common stock control and sales gateways
  • Video-in-Video
  • Animation and zoom features
  • Quickly and efficiently updated
  • Choice of sophisticated or bespoke graphic styles to reflect brand identity

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Benefits of Point | Click | Purchase

  • Quantifiable, direct revenue generation from video advertising
  • A rapid return on investment in video production costs
  • Support for all external payment gateways
  • Bi-directional integration to leading PLM, ERP and other enterprise solutions
  • Maximise viewer engagement, ensuring that your brand remains at the forefront of their attention during the entire shopping process
  • Innovative, marketable technology provides the opportunity to be seen to do something truly unique
  • Data collection, analytics & comprehensive sales and advertising metrics
  • Retrospective application to almost any video file type, allowing clients to derive additional value from older marketing assets
  • Brand reinforcement & engagement
  • A specifically-tailored solution developed by software engineers who understand the unique requirements of the fashion industry

How Point | Click | Purchase Works

  • Once production is completed, IVI will apply a post-production treatment to your existing HD video file, overlaying product-specific graphics or ‘information windows’, populated with regularly updated information (collected from your enterprise systems) about each featured item.
  • Subtle, customisable visual ‘flagging’ alerts users to imminent interactivity, ensuring that key items are not missed when they appear in busy scenes.
  • Once they appear, each of these information windows can be highlighted, moved, or hidden by the viewer at will, and is linked to our proprietary embedded shopping basket.
  • Information about selected items can be retrieved on demand by the user, amended, removed and finally handed off directly to the nominated payment gateway, increasing the time your customer spends engaging with your curated environment.

[m-vslider id="3"] Solution Range

The IVI range of post-production software solutions are already operational on the following platforms:

  • PCs and Macs
  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablet PCs and Android devices
  • Internet Ready DVD Players*
  • Games consoles
  • iPTV and Internet Ready Televisions**

*/** Subject to standards compliance.  IVI is working to ensure that the widest possible range of hardware is supported once agreed standards emerge.

New Retail Sales and Information Systems

[m-vslider id="4"] Future Developments

  • Although Point | Click | Purchase is built on the Adobe Flash framework (with a broad base of support), we are finalising an HTML5 version of all our proprietary systems to ensure that all devices (including Apple’s popular iDevice range) receive full support in the very near future.
  • Pre Production Solution blueprints, ready for development phase.

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