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Lectra in Fashion

With 40 years’ experience in fashion and apparel, Lectra’s mission is to provide a complete spectrum of design, development, and production solutions to confront 21st-century challenges. From first creative spark to final product, our professional services address an end-to-end process. We support the day-to-day operations of our customers in over 100 countries for around-the-clock process optimization. From fast fashion to luxury to ready-to-wear, Lectra’s 23,000 customers in markets as diverse as casual, sports, outdoor, denim, and lingerie represent every development and sourcing model imaginable. Beyond suppliers and manufacturers, they are the brands you love and the stores where you shop.

For more information, please visit www.lectra.com



Created with expert fashion knowledge and best practices, Lectra Fashion PLM optimizes the entire fashion and apparel development process, from conception to production. Enhancing team alignment and collaboration, this platform streamlines design, product development and the supply chain to cut costs and time-to-market.

Set the Foundation for Future Growth

Establish a well-balanced collection structure with a mix of products carefully defined for each season. Consolidate views at macro and micro levels to easily share the marketing brief.

Consolidate Sourcing

Compare costs to optimize material and product purchases across size ranges and sourcing poles. Keep up with consumer demand by placing orders and replenishments quickly and efficiently.

Reinforce Style Impact

Take full advantage of design and development expertise with smart technology and process know-how to create innovative products. From Adobe Illustrator or Lectra’s native sketch environments, create and share styles and creative elements. Communicate designs visually so that product development teams may share your vision.

Control Pre-Production Costs

Accurately estimate costs and materials for more negotiating power with suppliers and more precise margin control. Anticipate risks and synchronize the global supply-chain to allow suppliers to manage production cycles without sacrificing quality.

Secure Brand Equity 

Integrate pattern making and virtual 3D prototyping to quickly check fit, allow fast modifications and reduce physical samples. Monitor changes between design and manufacturing for better reaction time.

Monitor & Measure 

Manage complex and overlapping calendars to react quickly to market demands and supply-side constraints. Guarantee and increase product performances in both quality and financial terms with Key Performance Indicators (KPI).



To learn more about Lectra Fashion PLM please visit www.lectra.com

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