Visual 2000

World Headquarters – Montreal

Visual 2000 International Inc.

8960 Avenue du Parc

Montréal QC Canada H2N 1Y8

Tel : +1.514.381.4006

Toll Free: +1.888.386.4006

Fax: +1.516.224.7287



European Headquarters - Essex

Visual 2000 UK Limited

Suite 316,  Sterling House,

Langston Road, Loughton,

Essex 1G10 3TS

Tel: +44(0)208 503 0328



USA Headquarters – New York

Visual 2000 USA Inc

1430 Broadway 7th floor

New York, NY, USA 10018

Tel: +1.212.993.6451

Toll Free: +1.888.386.4006

Fax: +1.516.224.7287




Visual 2000 develops and markets comprehensive product development, production, distribution, and ecommerce software solutions for apparel and other fashion businesses. The company’s fully-integrated Visual End-2-End solution spans multiple software categories to give retailers, brands, and manufacturers the visibility and control needed to more effectively manage the entire concept-to-consumer fashion lifecycle. Visual 2000 software also offers modular solutions for PLM, ERP, SCM, WMS, E-commerce, and more to meet individual client needs.

Visual 2000 products leverage leading-edge Microsoft® technologies such as SQL Server®, .NET® framework, and the Silverlight® development platform. Headquartered in Montreal, Visual 2000 maintains offices and distribution channels in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Europe, and China. For more information, visit http://www.visual-2000.com.


Visual PLM cycleProduct Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Visual PLM.net® gives merchandising, design, and development teams the visibility and control to streamline processes and reduce costs.

  • Merchandise & Line Planning
  • Tech Pack & Spec Management
  • Bill of Materials & Cost Sheet
  • Souring RFQ & Bid Management
  • Calendar Management & Alerts

PLM Mobility – VisualViewer™ for iPad®

Visual ipad ViewerThis groundbreaking mobility app provides Visual PLM.net users with robust capabilities on the iPad while on the go. Available at the App Store℠, the free app allows authorized design, development, and sourcing teams to navigate PLM tabs on the mobile device to add, edit, and save select product information. Mobile executives and sales teams can also use the app to search, view, present, and share product catalogs, images, colors, and other key product information.

Design-PLM Integration – Adobe® Illustrator® Plug-In

Visual AI integrationFashion and technical designers can use a variety of new Illustrator menu options and tools enabled by the plugin to launch new concepts and styles right from the CAD software.

These capabilities enable designers to automatically contribute early-stage product information to PLM as they routinely use Illustrator to manage images and Artboards, develop designs, colours, , and other components. The information initiated in Illustrator becomes immediately available for further downstream development in Visual PLM.net.

Business Intelligence (BI)

BILogoFinalVisual BI.net™ integrates point-of-sale (POS) data into pre-production and supply chain processes to enable better business decisions.

  • Financial, Ops, POS, Replenishment Analysis
  • Built-in Metrics for Fashion-Critical KPI’s
  • Forecasting and Data Mining
  • Professionally Designed Data Displays
  • User-customized Dashboards & Reports
  • Supports Virtually Any Data Source

Ecommerce Solutions

PrintVisual 2000 offers a wide range of integrated wholesale and retail ecommerce solutions, customer collaboration and retail compliance, and order management and fulfillment solutions.

  • Visual WebStore.net™ – Turnkey Ecommerce Solution
  • Visual SFA.net™ – Desktop or Tablet Sales Management
  • Visual WebServices.net™ – Ecommerce Integration Services
  • VisualViewer™ – Wholesale Sales App for iPad®
  • Visual TouchMode™ – Wholesale Sales Management
  • Visual CRM.net™ – Customer Relationship Management
  • Visual EDI.net™ – Retail Compliance & Collaboration


WhichPLM reviewed version 3.10 of Visual 2000′s VisualPLM.Net solution in December 2010.  Find out more by clicking the high-level scores below.

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