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end2endVisual 2000 provides apparel, footwear and fashion accessory companies with an advanced set of tools to help them manage and optimize their business.

Visual PLM.net is a pre-configured, out-of-the box solution that is specifically tailored to meet the production demands of the AFA industry.

Visual End2End, the company’s flagship suite of business software, leverages data from all areas of the enterprise to provide a truly omni-channel experience for manufacturers, retailers and brands.

All Visual 2000 products are built on leading-edge Microsoft technology for deployment on-site or in the cloud. Headquartered in Montreal, Visual 2000 maintains offices and distribution channels in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Europe, and China.



Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Visual PLM.net® gives merchandising, design and development teams the visibility and control to manage the product lifecycle and streamline their processes.



Visual PLM assists AFA Businesses with:

  • Merchandise & Line Planning
  • Tech Pack & Spec Management
  • Bill of Materials & Cost Sheet creation
  • Sourcing RFQ & Bid Management
  • Time Management & Calendar Alerts

Built from the ground up with the apparel industry in mind, Visual PLM.net has many features to automate and streamline your workflow. The multilingual capacity allows your teams to work in the language in which they’re most comfortable. Advanced tech packs, which include bill of materials, fit and grading, provide product planners the confidence that everything is within budget and on time.

In addition to the core set of PLM features, Visual PLM.net goes beyond to help teams collaborate and manage documents and digital assets. Advanced storyboarding and a robust digital asset management system make it easy to share any file type. Permissions are set on a user and field level entity, to ensure that secure access is completely in your control.


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Adobe® Integration


Visual PLM allows the design team to use the tools they are familiar with, while streamlining the product development process. The Adobe Illustrator plugin adds menu options and tools that allows your team to launch new concepts and styles right from the Adobe software.

Easily control the flow of designs, artboards, colors and other essential components. All the information is stored within Visual PLM.net and accessible for reference and use at any time throughout the development cycle.


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Visual PLM.net Mobile 

Mobility is essential in a modern product development solution. Get your designs into development faster with Visual PLM.net mobile. Users can snap inspirational photos, make notes and create conceptual products right from their phone or tablet. Connect multiple development teams in a collaborative environment, in real time.

Learn more about Mobile PLM Software here.

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Document and Asset Management

The Visual PLM.net software includes document and asset management capabilities that provide your team with a simple, secure way to collaborate. Drag and drop the files you plan to share or import paper documents using the built in OCR tools.

In addition to its multilingual feature, all file types are supported. This allows for full collaboration on text, image, video, and presentations as well as key product files. Keep control of your intellectual property with the user based permission system.


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Omni-channel eCommerce

Strong eCommerce integration is essential in an omni-channel environment.

Visual Ecom.net provides the PLM solution with the ability to share product information by integrating from a single database to multiple webstores, like the Magento or Shopify platforms.

Learn More about Omni-Channel Fashion eCommerce

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Business Intelligence (BI)


Use your business data to make smarter decisions and increase efficiency across all channels. Visual BI.net™ integrates point-of-sale (POS) data into pre-production and supply chain information to enable better forecasting and analysis of your fashion enterprise.

The data import features allow users to leverage existing system or legacy data easily. The browser-based drag and drop design tool empowers users with the ability to quickly and easily slice, review and report on any custom dimension required.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Metrics for Fashion-Critical KPI’s
  • Financial, Operation, POS & Replenishment Analysis
  • User-customized Dashboards & Reports

To fully realize the power of Visual business intelligence, we recommend you consult with one of our technical fashion specialists. Click here to book a Demo of Visual PLM.

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