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3DEXPERIENCE Release 2016x


Enabling Maximum Flexibility and Optimal Total Cost of Ownership

On February 4th, 2016, Dassault Systèmes announced the General Availability of 3DEXPERIENCE Release 2016x.

The Release dramatically extends 3DS cloud offerings – already the largest Product Innovation Platform offering available on the cloud, including a dedicated portfolio of 15 Industry Solution Experiences with hundreds of roles. For instance, the cloud offering now includes more than 85% of 3DS exhaustive design and engineering portfolio, and three times more simulation roles than in the previous release

Mobility is also significantly enhanced.  38 governance and lifecycle apps, and the analysis of large simulation datasets are now optimized for mobile devices.

Business decision making leaps forward with Release 2016x. The release delivers analytics to reveal, measure, and analyze PLM data wherever it is, e.g. for advanced project, issue, change, or quality intelligence. A dedicated ‘part reuse analyst’ role enables users to quickly find and decide on the right part, whether the information is inside or outside the enterprise. Also, the release provides an enhanced entry point to simulation for any decision maker, as well as simulation analytics and data intelligence to all within the enterprise.

The release advances the concept of Virtual Twin in various industries. For instance, in Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail, the release delivers store-specific planograms. Life Sciences and bio-intelligence show advancements in virtual models – the basis for ‘Virtual Twin’. For instance, the Biologist role enables R&D biologists to design & simulate biological pathways; virtual experiments can be performed to mimic pathological perturbations or drug effects.

Learn more about the enhancements:

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