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A new size survey project – “SizeWorld CHINA”


Kaiserslautern, 2021.05.06 – China is one of the largest growth markets in the world, but with 1.4 billion inhabitants the diversity of its population is huge. China is made up of 56 ethnic groups, so, if your products need to “fit” your consumer – if you are in fashion or vehicle design, or if you produce uniforms or physical training equipment – you are going to need information about the height, weight and size of China’s population. Avalution uses SizeWorld CHINA to conduct a representative size survey and use the results to create a database of body dimensions and shapes and will answer important socio-demographic questions. Interested companies can obtain this know-how up front.

The SizeWorld China project is designed like the well-known size surveys Size GERMANY, Size ITALY and Size NorthAmerica: Differentiated by age, gender and region, thousands of people will be measured in specific postures using 3D body scanners. The Chinese partner company Leatech will be responsible for carrying out the survey. Avalution is at the disposal of the long-term contractual partner with its expertise in the conception of such a size survey and is responsible for the evaluation and processing of the measured body measurements.

Companies interested in body dimension data and socio-demographic information in the Chinese market can now participate in this size survey, influencing the design of the study as a result. “We are enabling participating companies that need specific body dimensions or are interested in specific questions in the socio-demographic questionnaire to get involved in the conception of the survey,” says Avalution General Manager Michael Stöhr.

The launch of the survey is planned for mid-2021. The data will then be available within 2 years.

About Avalution

Avalution makes people digital – and puts them at the heart of product development. The company has the world’s largest body dimension database containing the body scans of around 100,000 persons. Avalution also carries out size surveys and is a leader in the field of body scanning. The employees at the company headquarters in Kaiserslautern, Germany make ergonomics and sizing & fitting measurable for product development in various industries. Avalution is part of the Humanetics Group, a global engineering company that focuses on cyber-physical test systems, sensor solutions and precision engineering. The Humanetics Group employs 900 people at 24 locations in 14 markets.

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