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Alvanon Launches Fashion Innovation Hub with Asian Pioneers


The Shanghai Apparel Experience Center (SHAEC) is a growing China-based community, accelerator and experimental hub to commercialise new technologies and sustainable innovation for the fashion industry. 

Shanghai, China – Global innovations company Alvanon in partnership with former Editor-In-Chief of Apparel Monthly, Jenny Liu, have opened The Shanghai Apparel Experience Center (SHAEC), a unique industry hub that will connect and bring to market pioneering technologies and sustainable innovations aimed at transforming the fashion industry in China and the rest of the world.

SHAEC will showcase Asia’s most advanced digital fashion and consumer facing innovations. It will give industry leaders and fashion business professionals in management, design, development, production, supply chain and retail, hands-on access to cutting-edge transformative technologies. In addition, it will run a programme of professional seminars and workshops aimed at addressing the most challenging issues and opportunities facing the industry.

Located at Shanghai Mart Mall, F42-F51, Shanghai, general access to the center is by appointment and visitors can book online through Jenny Liu’s WeChat ID: secretbehindfashion or email: amy.wang@alvanon.com or telephone: + 86.021.6237.3739

“By bringing together fashion industry pioneers and China business leaders who have local, regional and global perspectives, the Shanghai Apparel Experience Center will create a community hub that connects and inspires new ideas and solutions. It will accelerate collaborations and development between the fashion industry and adjacent industries such as digital technology and media,” explained Alvanon founder and CEO Janice Wang.

SHAEC partner Jenny Liu, who has over 25 years’ media experience added: “For a very long time there has been a big gap in the Chinese market between international brands and local know-how, SHAEC will bring the key players together and provide the resources, tools, news and information businesses really need to thrive and succeed in the Chinese and wider global market.”

Li Xin, the China National Garment Association’s deputy secretary general concluded: “To align with China’s expansive One Belt, One Road Initiative the fashion industry is going through a historical revolution. We want to build an industry of innovation-driven technology, culture led fashion and responsibly guided sustainability. SHAEC creates a shared space and a new model that drives innovation and development.”

SHAEC is furthered sponsored by Browzwear, Cotton Incorporated, ISKO, Lenzing, TG3D and supported by China Apparel Network (www.efu.com.cn) and by POP (global) fashion network agency (www.pop136.com).


About Alvanon

Alvanon was founded in 2001 when it developed a unique and innovative data-driven approach to solving the challenges of sizing and fit inherent in the apparel industry. Since that time, it has evolved into a global company using the latest innovations and technologies to shape the future of fit. Advising the world’s leading apparel organizations on how to align their internal teams, processes and supply chains; more intimately engage their existing and target customers; and innovate to optimize profitability and achieve their growth objectives. It has amassed a wealth of expertise across every key industry discipline including consumer analytics, concept and technical design, product development, manufacturing, quality, sourcing, planning, merchandising, distribution, marketing, e-commerce and professional development. Alvanon has attracted and nurtured top-tier data analyst, 3D modelers and apparel experts. The Group now operates in 89 countries and has evolved into an innovations company reinventing the way fashion works. It operates from its head office in New York, European headquarters in London, and Asia office in Hong Kong. Alvanon also has research, development and manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, China. www.alvanon.com

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