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Alvanon Takes 3D Design to Next Level with New Digital Body Platform


The Alvanon Body Platform (ABP) is a cloud database of over 6,000 virtual bodies designed for hundreds of fashion and retail brands globally. These bodies will be easily accessible by brands and their authorized vendors for a seamless transition into the digital supply chain

NEW YORK – January 22nd, 2019 –  The apparel-technology company Alvanon, is taking the use of 3D digital design to the next level with the launch of the Alvanon Body Platform (ABP).  ABP is a new and secure cloud database offering 3D fit standards for the global apparel industry. For the first time, ABP will enable apparel design and development teams to access Alvanon’s vast library of over 6,000 virtual AlvaForms (3D avatars). Operating on all collaborating 3D software systems*, ABP will provide a fast, accurate and consistent way for brands and retailers to access and share their 3D fit and core body standards with their supply chain partners. The virtual 3D AlvaForms represent the dominant body shapes and sizes of consumers across the globe and offer exceptional design and development features including virtual texture and measurement lines; flexible poses; and a high-resolution 3D mesh to facilitate draping functionality.

“At Alvanon, we believe that the 3D journey begins with the avatar. Not just any avatar, but the fit standard that represents the brand’s target customers’ body shapes and sizes,” explained Jason Wang, chief operating officer, Alvanon. “In recent years, we’ve seen a huge increase for client bodies in the form of 3D virtual AlvaForms. The Alvanon Body Platform has been developed by our technology teams to specifically meet the fashion industry’s 3D digital design needs. Through collaboration with major 3D software companies, we have developed a seamless and secure digital avatar while providing the fit accuracy that brands and retailers require.”

Stephen Sze, director of software engineering, Alvanon concluded: “This is just the beginning for the virtual AlvaForm. This launch marks a new era for retail innovation – the use of 3D digital design allows brands to create realistic prototypes in a variety of different styles without having to actually make them: eliminating huge amounts of waste each year. ABP is the starting point for that 3D journey.”

Alvanon’s R&D team invited a select group of apparel professionals throughout the fashion industry including such brands as American Eagle Outfitters, Express, J.Crew, Kohl’s, Lucky Brands, Lululemon, Napapijri, Talbots and Under Armour, to beta test the platform and user experience.

To learn more or get set up with your ABP account today visit abp.alvanon.com

*The Alvanon Body Platform at launch supports CLO and Browzwear 3D softwares with Optitex, SHIMA SEIKI, TORAY ACS, TG3D Studio and more available in 2019.

YouTube: Introducing the Alvanon Body Platform Video

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO0KrN0pxos

Credit: Virtual AlvaForm: Missy Curvy Size 8

To view, embed or share visit: https://sketchfab.com/models/bcb1e716efb54eb1843ac90fc38a07bb   

About Alvanon

Alvanon is a global technology company, focused on the body and its application and implications in the apparel industry. We don’t make clothes, we help brands make clothes fit better, have efficient and sustainable processes, and train their people better. We are the science behind the art of fit.

Since 2001, we have dedicated ourselves to body data research and have gathered more than 1.5 million body scans in over 30 countries. Combined with our deep apparel knowledge, this has allowed us to develop thousands of fit standards for hundreds of brands globally. www.alvanon.com

About The Alvanon Body Platform

The Alvanon Body Platform (ABP) is an ever-growing cloud database of over 6,000+ Virtual AlvaForms (3D avatars) designed for hundreds of brands globally. The ABP platform will be easily accessible and encrypted, facilitating a secure and seamless process by which vendors can access brand’s 3D fit standards and size sets in most 3D software formats. The ABP Platform is a response to the industry’s need for a digital, 3D solution that cuts costs and increases speed-to-market. It virtually replicates the costly process of physical fitting. www.abp.alvanon.com

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