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For almost a decade, WhichPLM has provided the industry with our PLM Report, dubbed the ‘PLM bible.’ The purpose of these PLM reports is to take meaningful steps towards a greater and more widespread understanding of the fashion technology landscape – from the CEOs to the sourcing managers – and to present a unique, unbiased examination of its history, and its future.

Buyer’s Guide 2020

Beginning in 2018, our annual publication became free to download for anyone and everyone as a PDF. And by again making our 2020 PLM Buyer’s Guide accessible this year, packing it with actionable intelligence, and promoting it across our expanded channels, we believe our influential, industry-defining market analysis, and participants’ profiles and advertisements, will reach the biggest audience in our entire history. We trust it will get into the hands of those who want it most: you.

To keep our 2020 publication hyper-focused, it pays close attention to PLM – the heart of our business. So, if you’re looking for the latest intel on how PLM is transforming the fashion and retail industry in 2020, or considering a PLM project and want to compare the best the industry has to offer, make sure you get your copy.

Buyer’s Guide 2019

WhichPLM is delighted to announce that, after much anticipation, the latest instalment of our industry’s only independent Buyer’s Guide is now available to download – exclusively as a free PDF!

And in 2019, for the first time, our Buyer’s Guide takes us back to WhichPLM’s roots as technology pioneers, and includes insights into 18 different digital solutions categories. From 3D and digital printing to storyboards and trend analysis, we believe these solutions are going to shape the future of fashion technology, so our analysis is essential reading for anyone currently looking to design a complete digital ecosystem.


PLM Buyer’s Guide 2018

WhichPLM is delighted to announce that our newest report is now available. WhichPLM’s PLM Buyer’s Guide 2018 focuses on extended market analysis, vendor & consultant listings, and intelligence, and for the first time is available exclusively as a free PDF rather than a print publication. By making our 2018 report easily accessible, and packing it with actionable intelligence, we believe this report will reach the biggest audience in our entire ten-year history in business. We’ve taken this opportunity to put the essence of the PLM industry into an accessible package, in a way that serves everyone, completely free of charge.


7th Edition: Intelligence Issue

WhichPLM’s 7th Edition examines fashion’s transition to becoming a digital industry – in lockstep with a world that’s changing more quickly than ever before. Central to this transformation is the currency of data, and in a series of exclusive features (compiled from exclusive interviews with industry figures) our 7th Edition sets out to explore the critical difference between undifferentiated data and true intelligence, and to talk about how businesses can best understand the world around them.

6th small6th Edition: IoT Issue

WhichPLM’s ’6th Edition’ Report is available to download free of charge! While our 2015 publication blended our traditional PLM market analysis and editorial with a special focus on 3D working, this year’s report marries the same degree of PLM insight to an extremely in-depth look at the Internet of Things as it relates to retail, footwear and apparel. Download or order your copy now by clicking the image to the left!


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5th Edition: 3D Issue

WhichPLM’s ‘5th Edition’ is now available to download free of charge! This publication contains exclusive articles from industry thought leaders, interviews with the vendors, customers and pioneers shaping the future of 3D for the apparel industry, the results of our extensive PLM end user survey, detailed profiles of key players in the PLM and 3D sectors, extensive market intelligence and more. Download your copy now by clicking the image to the left!

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AR2014 3D render slantedAnnual Review 2014

The WhichPLM Annual Review 2014 is now available to download. Containing more than twenty topical articles from industry thought leaders, the results of our most comprehensive end user survey to date, detailed profiles of key vendors, extensive market intelligence and more – all exclusive and never seen before. Download your copy now by clicking the image to the left.

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Annual Review 2013

With WhichPLM’s 5th Edition now circulating the globe, we have made our previous Reviews digitally accessible. In 2013, WhichPLM published our second official ‘Annual Review’. This publication followed our extremely successful Annual Review 2012. Download your copy now by clicking the image to the right.


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WhichPLM Annual Review 2012 Front CoverAnnual Review 2012

This publication replaced our popular Customer Survey. The pages had a much broader remit than anything WhichPLM had undertaken before. Our aim was to paint a complete picture of the industry – mixing our own expert insight, the results of a long-running customer survey, and some truly unique market analysis, with a collection of the best articles our contributors had created over the previous twelve months. Download your copy now by clicking the image to the right.

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Customer Survey 2010

This was the first customer survey of its kind to have addressed the concerns and needs of the apparel industry. The first customer survey of its kind to ask consumers what they truly thought of their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. In March, April and May of 2010 the industry spoke, and we listened. Download your copy now by clicking the image to the right.