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Annual Review 2014 App – Support and FAQs

This section of the website collects common questions and support information for the iPad-native version of the WhichPLM Annual Review 2014.  For an overview of the publication’s content in either print or digital formats, please visit the main Annual Review 2014 page.

App Overview

The WhichPLM Annual Review was originally published in print form in October 2014.  The iPad-native version will be available to purchase exclusively through the App Store from early 2015.

The iPad edition contains all contents from the print version, with layouts altered to better fit your screen.  It is compatible with most iPads, but not iPhones.

The Annual Review 2014 app can be read cover to cover, like its print counterpart, but at any time an interactive menu can be called down by tapping the “M” in the top right of your screen.  From here, navigation between sections is available at any time.

Any questions can be answered by either reading the FAQs below, or by contacting info@whichplm.com and clearly stating the nature of your problem.


[accordion title=”General navigation”]

Navigating the Annual Review 2014 app is not unlike reading a print publication, but with one notable exception.  Print publications are read exclusively left to right, while our app also scrolls vertically.  The app itself includes a short tutorial and prompts for navigation, but generally speaking swiping horizontally will move you between sections of the Annual Review (those you can jump between using the interactive menu) and swiping up and down will allow you to advance through the pages contained in those sections.

For example, swiping horizontally from the front cover will bring you to our CEO’s introduction.  Swiping horizontally again will advance you to the contents section.  In order to read the multiple pages contained within the CEO’s introduction, you should swipe vertically.


[accordion title=”Technical questions”]

Any technical questions should be put in writing to info@whichplm.com.  The Annual Review 2014 app is a piece of software, and as such minor bugs may occur.  If you notice any unusual behaviour or missing functionality in the app, please let us know, and we’ll endeavour to push a fix to everyone’s device as soon as possible.


[accordion title=”Purchasing”]

The WhichPLM annual Review 2014 app is available only through the App Store.  Open the App Store on your iPad and search for “WhichPLM” in order to find the application and purchase it with the payment details associated with your Apple ID.  Alternatively, links can be found throughout the WhichPLM website that lead directly to the purchase page.

Once your purchase is complete, the Annual Review 2014 app will begin downloading.  Once the download is complete (indicated by the app icon appearing in full colour), tapping on the icon will open the Annual Review 2014 at the front cover or, assuming you’re returning to the app at a later date, at the page you last read.

Any problems with your payment method or Apple ID should be addressed to Apple itself, since WhichPLM has no control over the payment processing gateway used.

Similarly, should the App Store itself become unavailable, it is the responsibility of Apple to restore it so that you can continue to make your purchase.


[accordion title=”Do I need a data connection to read the Annual Review?”]

No.  Once the Annual Review 2014 app has been purchased and downloaded to your device, all the content contained within it is accessible without a data connection.

Any links within the app that lead to external sites (such as advertising pages) will require a data connection, since these may open in your browser, and lead to data not packaged within the Annual Review app in the interests of size.


[accordion title=”Will you allow me to have a PDF version so I can share it with my colleagues?”]

The Annual Review 2014 is available in its digital form only through the App Store.  We do not provide PDF versions of the publication.  Should you wish to share certain paragraphs or conclusions with your colleagues, or leverage these in your PLM project, please write to lydia@whichplm.com to obtain permission.


[accordion title=”Copyright”]

All content within the Annual Review 2014 app (excepting advertising) remains the sole property of WhichPLM Limited, and is governed by the same copyright rules that govern all content on this website and in our print publications.  Any duplication of this content, or any attempt to circumvent the digital rights management applied to the app itself is considered a breach of that copyright.


[accordion title=”Can I get the Annual Review on my Android / Windows device?”]

The Annual Review 2014 will be made available only on Apple iPad.  Our 2015 publications may reach the Google Play and Microsoft stores, but at the date of writing this is uncertain.  There is no way to obtain a copy of the Annual Review 2014 for your Android tablet or Surface.