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APOLUZE Fuses Product development and Creativity With C-DESIGN PLM


Today APOLUZE has decided to introduce a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution in their workflow. They needed a human size and friendly PLM to help design and R&D teams made up of young talents to maximize their expertise, optimize business processes and improve work efficiency, while maintaining a balance of creativity and newness.

C-DESIGN PLM stood out from all other solutions on the market with its real-time online operations and visual interface.

With C-DESIGN PLM, APOLUZE’s teams now can make rational decisions using detailed, organized, up-to-date product data.


A family story. Summer 2015: Laure launches her first line of dresses with the desire to offer the pieces that a long time sought and dreamed of wearing. Success was there and very quickly his brother Edouard joined the adventure. United by the desire to undertake and to create, the duo is complementary: Laure draws and Edouard manages.

“Together we are committed to offering exceptional quality pieces at the right price. We choose workshops presented for their know-how as well as their social and environmental commitment.”



Established in 1998, C-DESIGN® is a creative and innovative software house, specializing in developing, marketing and supporting creative software solutions for the textile industry.

Our mission is to provide the textile industry with effective technologies, innovative tools meeting industry key players evolving needs.

The Research and Development department continuously enhances C-DESIGN PLM with the aim to provide the most efficient solutions for an industry which is in constant change. The mission of C-DESIGN® is also to offer its services. Share their knowledge in terms of organization and internal communication. To help you maximize your work time, to improve the quality and speed of sharing information between all actors in the business. The teams gain in responsiveness, execution time, efficiency and profitability.


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