Home News Article from Dassault Systèmes – EspaceMax trade crowded stores for the ultimate online 3D shopping experience

Article from Dassault Systèmes – EspaceMax trade crowded stores for the ultimate online 3D shopping experience


EspaceMax and Dassault Systèmes (DS) partnered together to develop a 3D interactive shopping experience for the espacemax.com online luxury boutique using 3DVIA Virtools. Products proposed using the resulting application sold out in record time confirming the value of interactive 3D on the buying process.

Among the fast-growing number of e-boutiques, one French luxury goods shop stands out in the virtual crowd. EspaceMax, France’s leading luxury goods and fashion e-shopping store, recently joined with DS to create a revolutionary 3D shopping experience. Thanks to its use of interactive 3D, EspaceMax offers shoppers a unique, lifelike, online experience that is as close to the real thing as it gets.

From espacemax.com, shoppers can access the 3D application, developed using 3DVIA Virtools, and try each handbag as they would in real life – inserting virtual objects like a phone or lipstick inside, manipulating the bag so that all the details can be seen from every angle and even “trying it on” using a virtual animated human model. Initially available for three luxury handbags, the 3D experience is being expanded to other items.

Virtual sales operation: real life success

The results speak for themselves – the 3D application received 100,000 visits the first week.  The project generated an extra 2,000 orders of the products displayed in 3D and the company had to order additional stock for the campaign .

The quality of high-end fashion goods and the necessity to illustrate them as realistically and “luxuriously” as possible presented numerous challenges to the application development team. Material textures, such as velvet and leather, had to be true to life so that the shopper can practically “feel” them. The animations that were developed had to depict movement in a lifelike way when the bag is opened, for example, or when objects are inserted inside and the bag expands.

The main value for e-shopper users is the ability to interact with the handbag and not only visualize it. “Reproducing lifelike behavior of the purse was particularly challenging,” said Karine Guilbert, Experiential Marketing Project Manager, DS. “But thanks to 3DVIA Virtools, users can experience the way the bag behaves when used and the way it looks inside and out in a realistic manner.”

Now that 3D shopping is just a keystroke away, what will tomorrow bring? EspaceMax’s CEO Pierre-Etienne Boilard explains: “We are constantly innovating and this new 3D tool is yet another illustration of our commitment to blaze a trail through online shopping. This development offers consumers something new and exciting, and addresses one of the main obstacles to e-shopping. Our aim is to win over Internet users who remain reluctant to make online purchases because they’re afraid that their chosen item might not feel right, might not fit or won’t look good. We want to win them over by making the online shopping experience as lifelike as possible.”

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