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Since our inception, we’ve been providing unbiased, impartial insights to the fashion apparel industry. Here you will find the most recent editorial features, guest blogs, advertorials, downloads and more – all from top experts in the fashion and textile industries.

Topics covered in these posts include PLM, the IoT, 3D, Trend, Sustainability, Planning, Design, Sourcing, Logistics, and Robotics.

    Influencing change to support a new PLM (is easier than you think)

    In their third guest article for WhichPLM, Manner Solutions explores change leadership to support PLM. Here, Nicole Cunningham, Co-Founder & Principal, shares her thoughts on where to begin, the challenges and how to overcome them. Manner Solutions provides clients with strategic business process efficiencies, database applications and specialized change management counsel for apparel businesses.

    Retail Data From A-to-Z

    In her third exclusive piece for us, Elizabeth Shobert, Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy for StyleSage, delivers an informative piece on the the retail industry – on trend, on markdowns, on allocation. StyleSage is a retail analytics business for the fashion industry.

    “The old-fashioned fashion educators: the oxymoron”

    In her third featured article with us, resident Expert Dr Evridiki Papahristou explores the changing fashion market, what it means to students and professors, and the importance of linking the world of education with that of industry. Evridiki is a devoted fashion engineer with a research focus in the effective integration of 3D virtual prototype in […]

    Vizoo xTex Advertorial; Bringing your digital fabrics to life

    In this exclusive piece for WhichPLM, Martin Semsch shares the story behind Vizoo GmbH – a 3D material digitization company he helped co-found in 2013.

    Digital Sourcing Solutions for the Textile Industry; why we need them

    Here, FOURSOURCE share their first exclusive piece with WhichPLM, focusing on the digitization of supply-chains and what we should be looking for in a sourcing partner. FOURSOURCE is an innovative and unique online platform that creates partnerships between manufacturers and brands, and supports the marketing, promotion, and sales of manufacturers to buyers and brands.

    Conversations: Ted Mann, Slyce

    Earlier this year, Ted Mann, CEO of Slyce, was kind enough to have a chat with WhichPLM. Slyce works in visual search, image and product recognition and operates multiple apps for retailers and brands to utilise. Ted spoke with us about the different facets of the business; the capabilities of Slyce’s technology, and his desire […]

    PTC Download: Connected PLM Summary

    Download your copy of PTC’s Connected PLM Summary; PLM’s Instrumental Role in Retail Transformation.

    Why Design Freedom is not Incompatible with PLM

    In today’s guest blog, Dassault Systèmes, discusses PLM from a designer’s perspective, and shares the capabilities they should expect from a creative solution. Dassault Systèmes – or, the 3DEXPERIENCE company – is a French multinational business that specializes in 3D design, 3D digital mock-up, and PLM software

    Conversations: Jonathan Zornow, Sewbo

    Jonathan Zornow, Inventor of Sewbo, took some time out earlier this year to talk to WhichPLM. Jonathan is a visionary, and an all-round passionate and positive person. In this exclusive interview (and part of our ‘revolutionary technology’ theme), he speaks humbly of his creation, and shares his view and excitement on the future of our […]

    PLM Reporting & Analytics; Quick Data Accessibility for making informed decisions

    In their first exclusive piece for WhichPLM, Acnovate discusses the need for today’s retailers and brands to utilise enterprise PLM in conjunction with other data sources, to gain their competitive edge. Acnovate is a technology services provider with a focus on PLM, catering to Footwear & Apparel, Consumer Products, Medical, Manufacturing, Engineering, Communications and Media.

    A Nettelo Advertorial; Transforming the way to design, manufacture, sell and buy the products we wear

    In this guest advertorial fashion 3D technology entrepreneur, Yael Chojnowski, shares the story of Nettelo – the company she co-founded to develop mobile 3D body scanning, analysis and product matching solution. The Nettelo solution aims to obtain an accurate 3D digital model of a user’s body with a smartphone and provides cloud-based body analysis and […]