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    Download: Reinventing the Fashion Industry

    Download Gerber Technology’s latest eBook and find out why digital transformation is now more critical than ever. 

    With its Complex Supply Chain, Fashion Needs a Seismic Reset

    In her first piece for WhichPLM this year, resident digital printing expert Debbie McKeegan explores the future of our industry. She believes we need to rebuild the value chain and renegotiate the contractual partnerships of the past in order to move forward.

    Rapid Recovery: How Any Business Can Build A Bridge From PLM To Production

    For both near-term survival and post-pandemic recovery, data-driven visibility from design through to production will be essential. Here, Gary Thompson, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships & Alliances for Coats Digital explains how they plan to put that power in the hands of even small brands and manufacturers.

    2020: Not a Good Year for Dinosaurs

    In her latest piece for WhichPLM, Emma Hayes, Womenswear customer fit expert and Founder of At Last, delves further into the industry’s issue with fit when it comes to plus size womenswear – specifically, in light of the current global climate.

    How Can PLM Make Sustainable Fashion Attainable?

    In her first piece for WhichPLM, Téa Liarokapi explores what PLM is doing to help with sustainability in Fashion. Téa is a content writer working for email marketing software company Moosend and an obsessive writer in general.

    How Bad Data is Ruining Your Retail Business

    Following on from her first guest post for WhichPLM, here Javeria Gauhar Khan of Data Ladder shares some tips for preventing bad data from crippling your business.

    PLM & Fashion’s Future Demand Model

    Following on from his article on virtual PLM implementations, Prasham Kamdar, Managing Partner of Ptex Solutions, discusses the future of fashion’s traditional supply-chain model and how PLM solutions can (and will) adapt.

    Demand Planning in a Crisis

    Continuing her focus on COVID-19 and what it means for our industry, long-serving contributor Elizabeth Shobert shares her tips for demand planning during these times. Elizabeth is Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy at StyleSage.

    Solving the Problem of Compatibility in Fashion

    In today’s guest post, Embodee examines the current role of digitization in the footwear and apparel industry – paying close attention to 3D technology. The company’s writer and editor, Michael Bales, explores the integral role of interoperability going forward.

    Womenswear Fit: The Giant Leap Forward

    Here, Emma Hayes shares with us all her fantastic argument for why the time for changing apparel fit – and radically so – is now. Out of the wreckage of COVID-19, consumers might just be able to see beyond established, out-dated habits into a much more promising and cohesive fit future.

    Multi-Tenant PLM Platform​s: a Breakdown

    Following on from his recent exclusive, WhichPLM’s own Mark Harrop discusses the rise of multi-tenant PLM and how the solution(s) differ from single-tenant PLM offerings. He takes an objective look, and shares the challenges with implementing both options.