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    So, What Exactly Have We Learned During COVID?

    In her first piece for 2021, continuing her focus on COVID-19 and what it means for our industry, long-serving contributor Elizabeth Shobert shares her thoughts on what we’ve learnt during the pandemic. Elizabeth is Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy at Stylesage.

    3D Design, PLM, and 3D Optimization; The Trinity of Digital Product Creation and 3D Commerce

    In his first guest piece for WhichPLM, Richard Evans, VP of Growth @ VNTANA, discusses the relationship between 3D design, PLM, and 3D optimization in our industry. VNTANA is an SaaS platform that makes 3D asset production and distribution fast and scalable for apparel, footwear and furniture.

    Sustainability in Fashion: Victim of Convenience?

    Following his recent article, Prasham Kamdar, Managing Partner of Ptex Solutions, asks whether we can really expect true sustainability and transparency from retailers and brands soon, or if we are simply talking about more greenwashing? Choosing the best possible materials, trims and components is just the tip of the iceberg.

    How AI is Changing Online Shopping

    Dakota Murphey shares her latest exclusive with us, and explores how artificial intelligence is changing eCommerce. Dakota has more than a decade of experience in business growth, working independently as a business consultant for a number of years.

    Instagram, Algorithmics and Anti-Fast Fashion Action

    In her third piece for WhichPLM, Annabel Lindsay, Creative Lead & Circular Fashion Specialist for Mindless Mag, writes about digitizing fashion activism, social media taking accountability for promoting fast fashion, and the industry banding together to realise a fairer fashion future.

    Contactless Commerce: How Fashion is Embracing Technology

    Jacob Lane follows up on his previous piece, with further advice for fashion brands to act more sustainably in 2021. Jacob is a fashion writer from London and is passionate about the developments and innovations around sustainability.

    Fit is a Facet of Consumer Experience

    In his latest post for WhichPLM, fit expert Mark Charlton explores the ever-changing consumer experience around fit. He adds some more requirements to his previously coined role of Chief Fit Officer, and pushes the important of a good fit experience.

    Fashion’s Primacy of Preference

    In her latest piece for WhichPLM, Emma Hayes, womenswear customer fit expert and Founder of At Last, shares the issues our industry has with accepting consumer preference, and how technology can help going forward.

    How to Adopt an Ethical Lifestyle

    Dakota Murphey shares her latest exclusive for WhichPLM, and offers tips on adopting an ethical lifestyle – from the fashion you buy, to the technology you invest in. Dakota has more than a decade of experience in business growth, working independently as a business consultant for a number of years.

    How AI Can Help Resolve Complex Fashion Taxonomies

    In their first guest article for WhichPLM, YesPlz explores the complexities around fashion taxonomy, and how technologies like AI can help combat the challenges we face today. YesPlz has built an AI-powered visual search filter to find the best fashion style for their customers.

    Techtextil North America 2021 to Reunite the Textile Industry Post-Pandemic

    As the first major textile event since COVID-19 put the brakes on tradeshows in early 2020, Techtextil North America returns to Raleigh August 23-25, 2021 to reunite the industry for three days of networking, education, and business development.