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Since our inception, we’ve been providing unbiased, impartial insights to the fashion apparel industry. Here you will find the most recent editorial features, guest blogs, advertorials, downloads and more – all from top experts in the fashion and textile industries.

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    Snapshot: 3D to PLM Integration

    Since our inception, one of WhichPLM’s key objectives has been to portray an accurate view of the current fashion technology landscape, which has been focused predominantly on PLM.

    Sustainability: Not a Fashion Trend!

    In his first guest post for WhichPLM this year, Valentin Karabanov explores the correlation between sustainability and 3D in our industry. Valentin has experience as a professional tailor and made-to-measure master; he has also worked with Browzwear and is the owner of a self-titled studio, using 3D for apparel brands and runway designers. 

    Technological Advancements & Fashion’s Fulcrum for Change

    In today’s guest post, Embodee examines the apparel and footwear’s industry deepening commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions as climate change intensifies. The company’s writer and editor, Michael Bales, also explores the integral role of technological advancements, especially 3D product design and visualization.

    Forget Returns Reduction, it’s Time for Returns Prevention (i.e. the Ideal Model)

    In today’s guest post, Greg Moore, CEO of BodyBlock AI, shares his ideal model for strategic returns prevention. Greg is a corporate visionary with nearly 15 years’ experience in applying innovative technology to key business verticals for increasing profits and enhancing consumer experience.

    If you can’t work with 3D technology, then play with it!

    In the first post for 2020, resident Expert Evridiki Papahristou draws on the parallels between the Gaming and Fashion industries with regards to utilising 3D.

    The Call for High Quality 3D Technology

    In their first guest post for WhichPLM, Figure Forms, based in Cape Town, South Africa share the benefits that fitting mannequins and high-quality 3D avatars can bring to brands and retailers in the fashion industry. Figure Forms is a leading manufacturer of professional dress forms and industrial fit mannequins.

    Download: AccuMark 3D Webinar

    Watch Gerber Technology’s latest webinar on AccuMark 3D.

    The Missed Opportunity for Better Adobe-to-PLM Integration

    Whether you already have PLM or you’re evaluating the market, in this featured advertorial Matt Forman (Director of EFI Fiery DesignPro) explains why you could be missing an opportunity for better, deeper integration with Adobe® Illustrator® and Photoshop®.

    Ideation 2019: The WhichPLM Report

    Ben Hanson has recently returned from New York City, where he attended Gerber Technology’s Ideation 2019. Reporting for WhichPLM, here he shares a deep-dive exclusive into the success of the event this year.

    Why Your Brand Should Have a Product Configurator (If It Doesn’t Already)

    In their first guest post for WhichPLM, INDG discuss the benefits a configurator can bring to your fashion business – if used correctly.

    The Power of The Creative

    In today’s guest article, Twine Solutions Ltd discusses the role of the creative in the near-term future. Twine is revolutionizing the textile industry by changing thread dyeing to a digital, clean, in-house, on-demand production.