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    The Fashion Value Chain – It’s All About Communication

    In today’s guest post, Andrew Dalziel, Senior Director, Industry Strategy, Infor looks at the relationship between collaboration and success.

    Improving Color Across Suppliers

    Shoshana Burgett, Director of Corporate Strategy for X-Rite Pantone, shares her first piece with WhichPLM, in which she discusses the importance of color standards, and the many challenges surrounding color.

    Clearing up the Cloud

    Continuing his guest series with us, Dan Hudson of E-Spec shares his latest instalment. As the title suggests, Dan uses this post to ‘clear up the cloud’ and shares the myriad applications that have now gone cloud-based.

    ASBCI’s “Fashion Fit For The Future” Event: Report

    Ben Hanson reports on ASBCI’s recent “Fashion Fit for the Future” conference, which took place in Leeds, UK in early October. Serving as WhichPLM’s Editor from 2008 to 2014, Ben remains a top contributor to the site. 

    Lectra’s Fashion Forward Event 2016: the WhichPLM Report (part one)

    Mark Harrop, our CEO & Founder, has recently returned from Lectra’s Fashion Forward event, where he was one of eight guest speakers. With such a wealth of information to share with our community, his coverage is split into two parts. Here, in part one, Mark discusses the live customer interviews, Q&As and presentations around PLM, […]

    Why we should start using Adobe Illustrator more efficiently

    Lucy Royle shares her third exclusive article with WhichPLM here. In her first instalment in this series she explored ‘The Pencil Revolution’ and the transformative ways of working for designers in our industry; in the second piece, she delved into the world of 3D and what it means to designers

    The Physical Web

    Christos Symeou takes us into the world of the ‘Physical Web’ in his first exclusive guest article with WhichPLM. Christos is the Founder of Blupath Ltd, a company specialising in the amalgamation of the digital and physical worlds.

    Viva la DAM Revolution!

    Eric Fulmer, VP Operations & Strategic Growth at Capture Integration, shares his fourth and final exclusive article in this series with WhichPLM.

    Digital Partnerships in the RFA Supply-Chain

    WhichPLM CEO & Founder, Mark Harrop, shares his latest piece with us here. He explores the trend WhichPLM has been seeing in digital partnerships within RFA, and what he refers to as the ‘disruption race’. 

    YuniquePLM V7 Brochure: Gerber Technology

    Download your copy of Gerber Technology’s latest brochure to learn more about YuniquePLM 7. 

    Closing the data ‘black hole’ in high volume visual content production

    Eric Fulmer, VP Operations & Strategic Growth at Capture Integration, shares his second exclusive article with WhichPLM. Following his first guest article with us, this piece explores what Eric refers to as the “black hole” of content production.