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Since our inception, we’ve been providing unbiased, impartial insights to the fashion apparel industry. Here you will find the most recent editorial features, guest blogs, advertorials, downloads and more – all from top experts in the fashion and textile industries.

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    Let’s 3D Print Fashion

    In his latest, exclusive piece for WhichPLM, resident expert Yotam Solomon discusses the rise in 3D printing, and the myriad possibilities that come with it. He discusses seamless clothing, custom fit, mass scale fashion 3D manufacturing, and designing in 3D to comply with sustainable standards. Yotam shares how the industry is learning that fibres and […]

    Higg Product Tools: How you can help scale sustainability in the apparel, footwear, and home textile industries

    Here, The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, in collaboration with WhichPLM, shares an overview of The SAC, The Higg Index, The Higg Materials Sustainability Index, The Higg Design & Development Module and integrating with PLM.This exclusive piece acts as a ‘call to action’ for all of our readers to collaborate; PLM integration with the Higg MSI and DDM […]

    Plastic Reality

    In his second featured article with us, Yotam Solomon continues his exploration of renewable versus recyclable for the average consumer, and his thoughts on fashion production from an eco-friendly point of view. Yotam is a fashion designer and product developer focusing on cradle-to-cradle innovation in apparel and footwear, and sits on our Expert panel as a sustainable […]

    Why is this so difficult?

    In his latest piece with us, resident Expert Dan Hudson, discusses why truly successful retail, footwear & apparel PLM implementations are difficult, and how implementing various inter-connected systems can help.

    PTC Retail PLM: Brochure Download

    Download your copy of PTC’s latest PLM brochure for Retail, Fashion, Footwear, Apparel, and Consumer Products.

    ERP and PLM; do they work together and do we really need both?

    In a exclusive article running on both WhichPLM and WhichERP, Morag Ashworth shares her thoughts on PLM & ERP , and how these systems can be successfully implemented. 

    Bras, Barriers and Brexit

    Chris McCann, WhichPLM Expert and Director of Resilient.World, is a well-known figure in compliance and sustainability. Here, in a piece as witty as we’ve come to expect, he shares with us his latest thoughts on our responsibilities to the wider community.

    Resilient.World: MSA Download

    Download your copy of Resilient.World’s PDF; the PDF highlights how their team can help you understand the UK’s Modern Slavery Act, develop your strategy, and train your team.  

    Has e-commerce turned the concept of category management upside down?

    In another exclusive article for WhichPLM, ITC Infotech discusses the effect that e-commerce has had on category management by comparing various factors in a retail setting with e-commerce.

    The 1-2-3 of PLM

    In a WhichPLM exclusive article, originally running in our Annual Review 2014,  PLM integration and implementation consultant Brion Carroll II introduces retailers, brands and manufacturers to the tentative preparatory steps that follow their selection of a PLM solution.

    Working with PLM; a student’s journey

    Jonathan Cameron is a student at Huddersfield University here in the UK, currently in his second year on the Fashion Buying & Textile Management course. WhichPLM has reported on some of our previous visits to UoH over the last few years.