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Since our inception, we’ve been providing unbiased, impartial insights to the fashion apparel industry. Here you will find the most recent editorial features, guest blogs, advertorials, downloads and more – all from top experts in the fashion and textile industries.

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    Innovations, Trends & Disruptions for Fashion in 2022

    In his final instalment for 2021, WhichPLM’s own Mark Harrop shares his thoughts on some key innovations coming to fashion next year.

    The Future of Product Design and Development: PTC Talks to Deckers Brands

    In today’s guest advertorial, PTC discusses Deckers Brand’s vision for integrated 3D and PLM with Mitch Harvey, 3D Innovation Manager.

    The Future of Footwear: Stepping up to a Sizing Standard

    ShoeSize.Me shares their first exclusive with WhichPLM today, in which they advocate for footwear brands to collaborate in order to get sizing right.

    Process, The Digital Revolution and Material Exchange

    In today’s opinion piece, resident Expert Chris Hillyer discusses the changing landscape of 3D design, and the need for material platforms. Chris is the Director of Innovation at DECKERS Brands – who serve as Design & Innovation Partners to the Material Exchange project.

    Download The WhichPLM Report: 6th Edition (The IoT issue)

    We are delighted to offer our community the opportunity to download WhichPLM’s ‘6th Edition’ Report free of charge! Available in PDF format or in print, our 2016 publication contains features on PLM and the Internet of Things (including an exclusive interview with IoT inventor, Kevin Ashton), detailed profiles of key players in the PLM and IoT sectors, […]

    Why is this so difficult?

    In his latest piece with us, resident Expert Dan Hudson, discusses why truly successful retail, footwear & apparel PLM implementations are difficult, and how implementing various inter-connected systems can help.

    The Future of Retail for Fashion: starting now!

    Susan Olivier, VP Consumer Goods & Retail Industry Solutions at Dassault Systèmes, shares an exclusive article with WhichPLM, exploring the future of Fashion from a retail and technological standpoint – a future adapting to the changing behavior of consumers. 

    Turning RFA PLM on its head

    In Mark Harrop’s latest article he breaks down his views on PLM for our industry, and what the term really means.

    True Sustainability

    In his first featured article with us, Yotam Solomon explores ‘true sustainability’, looking at the basics of renewable versus recyclable for the average consumer, and sharing his views on fashion production. Yotam is a fashion designer and product developer focusing on cradle-to-cradle innovation in apparel and footwear, and sits on our Expert panel as a […]

    Transforming Consumer Engagement Using Virtual and Augmented Reality

    In this latest, exclusive article for WhichPLM, ITC Infotech discusses the hot topics of virtual reality and augmented reality, and how they will ‘fit in’ from a retail perspective. This instalment comes from Prashant Rao, Principal Consultant at ITC Infotech. 

    ASBCI’s “Fashion Fit For The Future” Event: Report

    Ben Hanson reports on ASBCI’s recent “Fashion Fit for the Future” conference, which took place in Leeds, UK in early October. Serving as WhichPLM’s Editor from 2008 to 2014, Ben remains a top contributor to the site.