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    The Impact of AI on Small, Independent Businesses

    In her latest piece for WhichPLM, Emma Hayes, womenswear customer fit expert and Founder of At Last, shares her thoughts on potential use of fit technology when it comes to small, independent retailers.

    “Bricks & Clicks”; Virtual and Real World Business in a Post-Covid World

    Anthony Bamford shares his latest piece for WhichPLM. Anthony MBA MRICS is a UK based senior leader specialising in strategic management and transformation and change with a professional background in real estate. He has worldwide contacts in the corporate, commercial and public sectors.

    Rapid Recovery: How Any Business Can Build A Bridge From PLM To Production

    For both near-term survival and post-pandemic recovery, data-driven visibility from design through to production will be essential. Here, Gary Thompson, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships & Alliances for Coats Digital explains how they plan to put that power in the hands of even small brands and manufacturers.

    How Small Retailers Can Refocus for Covid-19

    Here, Dakota Murphey follows up her very successful data science piece, with some advice to (UK) businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic – specifically, small retailers. Dakota has more than a decade of experience in business growth, working independently as a business consultant for a number of years.

    Learning to be Small Again

    Here, Elizabeth Shobert, Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy for StyleSage, hits us again with some sage (pun intended) advice. Drawing on her own experience with StyleSage, Elizabeth shares the creative power behind “startup thinking”. Checking in at the three-month mark of 2018, do you feel like you’re in a better or worse place than […]

    The Value of PLM on Small Businesses

    In their first guest article for WhichPLM, Manner Solutions explores the value of PLM for small businesses; Michael S. Robinson and Amy Hockenbrock share their thoughts on where to begin, the challenges, and how to overcome them. Manner Solutions provides clients with strategic business process efficiencies, database applications, and specialized change management counsel for apparel […]

    Turning RFA PLM on its head

    In Mark Harrop’s latest article he breaks down his views on PLM for our industry, and what the term really means.

    Fast Fashion + Immediate Trends: Driving the Designer Workflow

    In a highly visual guest blog, resident digital printing expert, Debbie McKeegan shares her latest thoughts with WhichPLM’s community. In this instalment, she focuses on digital print in relation to fast fashion.

    Why is it so hard to make apparel that fits?

    In his first exclusive article for WhichPLM, Mark Charlton discusses the problem our industry has with fit. Mark has an uncompromising approach to understanding the complexities of apparel fit, both on a consumer and global level, and sits on WhichPLM’s Expert Board.

    ASBCI’s “Fashion Fit For The Future” Event: Report

    Ben Hanson reports on ASBCI’s recent “Fashion Fit for the Future” conference, which took place in Leeds, UK in early October. Serving as WhichPLM’s Editor from 2008 to 2014, Ben remains a top contributor to the site. 

    Lectra’s Fashion Forward Event 2016: the WhichPLM Report (part two)

    Mark Harrop, our CEO & Founder, has recently returned from Lectra’s Fashion Forward event, where he was one of eight guest speakers. Part one of his coverage focuses on the live customer interviews, Q&As and presentations around PLM, 3D and Fit. Here, part two explores solution demonstrations from Lectra’s Campus and further PLM presentations.