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    How PLM is Enabling Sustainability in Fashion

    Following on from his recent on collaboration in today’s value chain, Prasham Kamdar, Managing Partner of Ptex Solutions, shares his thoughts on how PLM can support – and in some cases is supporting – true sustainability in our industry.

    What is Wrong with Fast Fashion?

    Dakota Murphey shares her second exclusive for WhichPLM readers this year, and advocates for brands to become more purpose-driven and sustainable in 2021. Dakota has more than a decade of experience in business growth, working independently as a business consultant for a number of years.

    How Fashion Brands Can Act More Sustainably Throughout 2021

    In his first exclusive for WhichPLM, Jacob Lane offers his advice for fashion businesses to act more sustainably in 2021. Jacob is a fashion and lifestyle writer from London, and is about the developments and innovations around sustainability.

    Circular Communities: Re-fashioning the Retail Landscape

    In her second piece for WhichPLM, Annabel Lindsay, Creative Lead & Circular Fashion Specialist for Mindless Mag, writes about the circular economy and our need to embrace it fully, for the good of our industry.

    Redefining Sustainability

    In his latest piece for WhichPLM, Yotam Solomon (resident Expert) discusses how companies in the fashion industry have the ability to define their unique sustainability methodology. Yotam is a fashion designer & product developer focusing on cradle-to-cradle innovation in RFA; he is currently the Creative Director of Covalent.

    How Fashion & Retail Can Act Urgently to Get the Consumer (Tribe) to Support Them

    In her first post for WhichPLM, Nzinga Graham-Smith, Founding & Business Development Director for The ForeverGreen Group, discusses how businesses can retain their customers during these uncertain times – with specific reference to female customers. The ForeverGreen Group’s purpose is building a multinational ‘Aspirational Style of Living’ brand for women and a platform to fully express themselves.

    Changing Behaviour; The Modern Conscious Consumer

    Here, the minds behind WhichPLM share their thoughts on our industry model post-pandemic, and the role that the conscious consumer will play in developing it.

    Digital Fashion in The Physical World

    Valentin Karabanov is a creative director and founder of digital fashion brand VALENTINS which operates in the intersection of fashion design, custom made digital projects, digital transformation and 3D fashion education.

    How Can PLM Make Sustainable Fashion Attainable?

    In her first piece for WhichPLM, Téa Liarokapi explores what PLM is doing to help with sustainability in Fashion. Téa is a content writer working for email marketing software company Moosend and an obsessive writer in general.

    The Value of Values

    Chris McCann, WhichPLM Expert and Director of Resilient.World, is a well-known figure in compliance and sustainability. Here, he shares his latest thoughts on the state of business.

    What Retailers and Software Vendors are not yet doing when it comes to PLM & Sustainability

    In her first piece for WhichPLM, Annabel Lindsay, Programme Coordinator for Mindless Mag, writes about the increasing use of technology given the current global climate, and the need for all sides of our industry to work together, to truly transcend into a sustainable era.