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    Coming together; WhichPLM weighs in on Dassault Systèmes & Centric Software

    Unless you’ve been operating without the Internet, a mobile phone or any connection to the outside world for the last week, by now you should have heard/seen the news. Announced on June 14th, Dassault Systèmes has entered into an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Centric Software.

    Smart-Sourcing 3D Prototyping

    In his third instalment of a new series for WhichPLM Amnon Shalev, CEO & Founder of Virtuality.Fashion, discusses online 3DaaS, and offers advice when selecting a 3DaaS partner. Virtuality.Fashion, powered by C-Design, believe in making virtual fashion prototyping effortless, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

    Fit has a Communication Problem

    In his first exclusive for 2018, WhichPLM’s fit expert, Mark Charlton, discusses how simple brand communication can help the fit challenge in fashion. We all know a great fit when we find one; in business we all understand fit is a competitive advantage. So why is it so hard to find a fit that fits […]

    The Design(ers) Problem

    Here, Thomas Teger talks about the challenges designers are facing in today’s digital product development process and product lifecycle management, and how existing tools are addressing their needs only partially at best, if at all. Thomas is co-founder and CPO of swatchbook and has over 20 years of experiencing in building software solutions and bringing them to […]

    The Fashion Brand’s Guide To Creating Excellent Visual Content

    Here, Victoria Greene shares her first exclusive with WhichPLM. Victoria is a branding consultant who loves visual content; a big fan of social media storytelling and community content.

    Is Artificial Intelligence Fiction, Fad …or Forever?

    People are starting to get to grips with the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can help retail: particularly online, where chatbots, search engines and product recommendation tools are already blazing a trail. But with up to ninety percent of sales still emanating from bricks-and-mortar stores and only a few practical use cases […]

    Curation at Scale: Is It Possible?

    In her latest piece for WhichPLM, Elizabeth Shobert, explores curation in retail. Elizabeth is Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy at StyleSage – an intelligence business, founded on the idea and mission that we can all do better, and that technology has the power to enable smarter decision-making.

    Talking Seamless Commerce with Simon Thun

    As well as speaking at and helping to moderate last month’s IT4Fashion event in Florence, Italy, WhichPLM had the opportunity to sit down with Simon Thun, scion of the Thun dynasty, to talk about Italy’s retail heritage, his family business, and the future of seamless commerce. Conducted during the show, the interview is presented here […]

    Download: AccuMark

    Get your hands on Gerber Technology’s latest white paper and embrace your digital reality.

    Digital Printed Fashion Fabrics Break the Billion Sq Metre Barrier

    In her first piece for WhichPLM in 2018, resident digital printing expert Debbie McKeegan shares the success of digitally printed fashion. Debbie is the CEO of TexIntel – an expert advisory practice serving the Creative, Digital and Print Textile manufacturing Industry. The Fashion industry is no stranger to disruption, and it’s facing a global reform. Driven by […]

    Local to Local – 4 Lessons Learned from Print on Demand

    Shoshana Burgett, Director of Corporate Strategy for X-Rite Pantone, shares her latest piece with WhichPLM today, in which she shares some lessons learnt from print on demand. Shoshana is responsible for leading X-Rite Pantone’s Voice of the Customer (VOC) initiative across all industries, identifying market trends and helping the company create innovative products supporting emerging […]