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    Conversations: Eaton Donald, ExactFlat

    Just last month, Eaton Donald, President & CEO of ExactFlat (specializing in 3D to 2D patterning solutions for a host of industry sectors), dedicated some time to talk to our Editor. Eaton speaks passionately and with penetrative insight about the issues we face in the fashion industry, and exactly what this transformation to digital will […]

    Automation & Design: are you safe?

    In her final piece for WhichPLM in 2017, resident digital printing expert Debbie McKeegan shares her thoughts on the unspoken code of conduct for designers. In a part-blog, part-interview post, Debbie discusses just how much the technological revolution has brought about for designers – the good and the bad. As the year comes to a […]

    Dig.IT4Fashion 2017: The WhichPLM Report

    Our CEO has recently returned from Florence, where he attended and presented at Dig.IT4Fashion. Here, he presents his coverage of the event, and shares his thoughts on four roundtable panels: Enterprise 3D, Experience, Blockchain, and Data Intelligence. It isn’t often today to come across a retailer, brand or manufacturer in our industry who doesn’t have […]

    The New Speed of Fashion: Digitally Integrated Design, a Gerber Technology Advertorial

    In today’s guest advertorial, Gerber Technology discusses the current pace of fashion, and how the YuniquePLM Design Suite can help you keep up.  Fashion is all about trends. We set them. We follow them. We decide when to ignore them. But in today’s market, it’s important to follow trends in technology as closely as you […]

    Conversations: David Bleicher, Invertex

    At the close of October, Founder & CEO of Invertex, David Bleicher had a lengthy chat with our Editor, Lydia Hanson. David spoke very openly about the business, and the transformations it has undergone in the last few years. Invertex’s powerful 3D technology is working towards combatting fit and sizing issues in fashion – predominantly […]

    ‘Luxuries’ in Marketing & Communication

    In his latest exclusive for WhichPLM, Michael Robinson of Manner Solutions lays out some necessities for marketing and communication departments – often labeled as ‘luxuries’ – and how linking successfully to PLM and other systems can offer multiple benefits. Style metadata, holistic sample management, and technology are all luxuries for marketing and communications …but do […]

    Why is PLM such a hard sell?

    Here, Callum Mundine, Head of Marketing at Warble Media (a boutique, Australian web design & digital marketing agency), discusses the difficulty still inherent with selling PLM systems. Although, today, adoption rate of PLM is high when compared to years gone by, making a sale is by no means a walk in the park. Callum shares […]

    Conversations: Uwe Hennig, Detego

    Earlier this year, Uwe Hennig, CEO of Detego GmbH, spoke to us about his analytical technology Suite, the trends sweeping our industry, and the need for open platforms. 

    Triple Bottom Line

    In his latest piece for WhichPLM, Yotam Solomon (resident Expert) discusses a successful triple bottom line, in this call to action piece to get involved.

    WTiN Report: Inaugural Textile 4.0 Conference provides digital vision

    WhichPLM’s own Mark Harrop has recently returned from his role as keynote speaker at WTiN’s first Textile 4.0 conference. Here, Tansy Fall, Editor of Industry Digitalisation for the World Textile Information Network, reviews the conference, which took place in Amsterdam from 25-26 October 2017. The programme explored the potential impact of Industry 4.0 and IoT […]

    Why Recreate a Broken Process?

    In his latest exclusive for us, fit expert Mark Charlton discusses the recent obsession with re-designing the fitting room experience, and shares his plea for fit intent. I have a passion for great fitting apparel and for over 20 years I have been helping brands fit apparel, understand sizing constructs and globalize fit offerings. In […]