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    Why Your Brand Should Have a Product Configurator (If It Doesn’t Already)

    In their first guest post for WhichPLM, INDG discuss the benefits a configurator can bring to your fashion business – if used correctly.

    The Power of The Creative

    In today’s guest article, Twine Solutions Ltd discusses the role of the creative in the near-term future. Twine is revolutionizing the textile industry by changing thread dyeing to a digital, clean, in-house, on-demand production.

    3D in Fashion: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

    In his second guest post for WhichPLM, Valentin Karabanov explores the adoption of 3D in our industry. Valentin has experience as a professional tailor and made-to-measure master; he has also worked with Browzwear and is the owner of a self-titled studio, using 3D for apparel brands and runway designers.

    Automation and Personalization Can Go Hand-in-Hand

    Made-to-measure quality at the tempo of technology. In today’s guest post, Gerber Technology explores the increasing trend of made-to-measure personalization, and how it’s an absolute ‘must’.

    Envisioning new market spaces: Trends in home décor and furnishings

    Get your hands on the latest eBook from Centric Software, and get your home décor & home furnishings business on trend.

    What Rental and Resale Can Teach Retailers

    In her final piece for 2019, frequent contributor Elizabeth Shobert shares her views on the fashion rental trend. Elizabeth is Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy at StyleSage – an intelligence business, founded on the idea and mission that we can all do better, and that technology has the power to enable smarter decision-making.

    Customization Comes of Age

    In today’s guest post, Embodee takes stock of the growing popularity of online product customization, focusing in particular on the apparel and footwear industry. The company’s writer and editor, Michael Bales, examines the trend from both the perspective of consumers and industry insiders.

    Successful Retailing?

    Anthony Bamford shares his final instalment of a short series for WhichPLM. Anthony discusses strategy, marketing & operational management in relation to retail and fashion. Anthony (MBA MRICS MIWFM MCMI) is a senior interim manager and consultant specialising in strategic management as well as transformation and change.

    Is Color Perception Holding Up Your Approvals Cycles?

    In today’s post, resident Expert Shoshana Burgett, shares her thoughts on how important it is to measure color accurately. Shoshana has held positions at X-Rite, Pantone, Xerox and currently runs colorkarma.

    On-Demand and Sustainable?

    In today’s guest article, Goor Moshe, Creative Director of Twine Solutions Ltd discusses the sustainability issues we face on fashion, and pushes for a move towards circular production, with all digital systems working together. Twine is revolutionizing the textile industry by changing thread dyeing to a digital, clean, in-house, on-demand production.

    Cut Through the Confusion: a Simple Guide to Enterprise Solutions for Your Home Décor and Furnishings Business

    Are you confused when it comes to choosing the most effective enterprise solutions, including PLM, for your home décor and furnishings business? Here, Centric Software unravels those confusing tech acronyms and reveals the most effective tool for improving efficiency and reducing time-to-market.