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    Lectra: WhichPLM Evaluation 2018

    WhichPLM is delighted to publish our first Supplier Evaluation this year, and the third evaluation for Lectra. Lectra is the first supplier to have undertaken more than two evaluations with us (the first published in 2015) and we are very pleased to see the progress made in key areas. 

    The 3D Applications Spectrum

    In his second instalment of a new series for WhichPLM Amnon Shalev, CEO & Founder of Virtuality.Fashion, builds on his first piece with us and delves into the spectrum of 3D applications in Fashion. Virtuality.Fashion, powered by C-Design, believe in making virtual fashion prototyping effortless, affordable, and accessible to everyone. 3DaaS (3D as a Service, in […]

    Will 3D and an End-to-End Digital Workflow be the Key to the Apparel Revolution?

    In today’s guest post, Lena Lim, Chief Commercial Officer of Browzwear, follows up on Sharon Lim’s piece from last month and discusses the apparel design workflow in the digital age. Lena is an expert in strategy, change process management and business restructuring to enable digital transformation. She has over 20 years experience managing teams in […]

    Infinite Fashion

    Here, our own CEO, Mark Harrop, shares his thought leadership view on the current landscape of any Fashion business – technologically speaking. He delves into what WhichPLM has coined Fashion’s ‘infinity loop’, emphasizing the importance of digital integration. The next wave of fashion technology integration is happening whilst I write my latest article on what […]

    Decentralising Creativity

    In his first exclusive for WhichPLM, our newest Expert, Rob Warner, discusses the pressure on brands and manufacturers to innovate in a world where they have less time than ever to do so. He discusses the looming notion of ‘Project 2020’ and the importance of flexibility for the individual employee – something that new technologies […]

    The Lifecycle of a Lifecycle (2)

    From product to process, an inception into finding my ‘why’ in another world. (Part 2 of 2) Here, Lucy Blackley continues taking us through the journey of developing her own PLM system. Lucy is a PLM and Product Development expert, and sits on WhichPLM’s Expert panel.

    It’s Time to Enjoy 3D Printing

    In her first exclusive for WhichPLM, Hanna Grzywnowicz, ‘The 3D Printing Lady’ explains the current landscape of 3D printing in Fashion, and the problems we have – technically speaking. Hanna is an independent 3D printing and design consultant and content creator, always eager to share her research and discuss her findings. When you type ‘Fashion’ […]

    The Rise of 3D Printing in Fashion

    In her first exclusive for WhichPLM Naomi Kaempfer, Creative Director, Art, Fashion and Design at Stratasys, shares the benefits of 3D printing and, as a result, the rise in adoption. Stratasys explores the possibilities of 3D printing cross border in the creative disciplines and with their experience enable and promote designers and artists to stretch […]

    Learning to be Small Again

    Here, Elizabeth Shobert, Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy for StyleSage, hits us again with some sage (pun intended) advice. Drawing on her own experience with StyleSage, Elizabeth shares the creative power behind “startup thinking”. Checking in at the three-month mark of 2018, do you feel like you’re in a better or worse place than […]

    Personalization: the King of AI in the World of Ecommerce

    In their second guest article for WhichPLM, Sentient Technologies continues their exploration of Artificial Intelligence for fashion – this time, with regards to online personalisation. Sentient has created the world’s largest and most powerful distributed AI platform by combining multiple AI disciplines, allowing them to create fully autonomous products. Picture this: you walk into a […]

    3D: The Key to a Complete Digital Apparel Design Process

    In today’s guest post, Sharon Lim, CEO of Browzwear, educates us on the benefits of true-to-life digital twins – including a significant decrease in production time, allowing apparel designers to get back to doing what they love. Sharon is a corporate visionary with nearly 20 years experience in the apparel industry, from sourcing to retail. She […]