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    Platform Ecosystems & the Principles of Interoperability

    Is your PLM platform truly and fully open, or is it only partially open or even closed? This is a question that you should ask of your own PLM implementation and future transformation strategy.

    Is a Seismic Shift on the Horizon?

    In today’s exclusive, WhichPLM’s Founder & CEO shares his thoughts on changing technological architecture in Fashion. Mark discusses platform-ecosystems and the next ‘big shift’ in the way we deploy software.

    Economic Obstacles to Innovation

    In her first guest post for WhichPLM, Georgia Knell, Creative Lead at Mindless Academy, explores economic obstacles when it comes to innovation in Fashion. If a computer can win a game of chess, and cars can drive themselves, why can’t we all have fair access and opportunity to innovate? 

    Escaping the Document Apocalypse

    In his second guest article for WhichPLM, Quoc Pham, Product Lead at VibeIQ, shares his thoughts on a new generation of documents for true end-to-end digital transformation. VibeIQ recently launched a suite of collaboration centric merchandising and product visualization apps. You can find more information about their offerings and limited pilot program at www.vibeiq.com.

    The Retail Brands Trying to Combat Climate Change

    Regular contributor, Dakota Murphey, shares with us some of the brands working to combat climate change, and how. Dakota has more than a decade of experience in business growth, working independently as a business consultant for a number of years.

    The Impact of AI on Small, Independent Businesses

    In her latest piece for WhichPLM, Emma Hayes, womenswear customer fit expert and Founder of At Last, shares her thoughts on potential use of fit technology when it comes to small, independent retailers.

    Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles; More Eco-Friendly Than Ever

    Kornit Digital – a worldwide market leader in sustainable, on-demand, digital fashion and textile production technologies – is celebrating its abilities at Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles + 4.0 Industry Event, taking place November 2-5. This event welcomes producers, designers, industry experts, developers, and other visionaries to explore a complete alternative model for creating fashion […]

    Inclusive Sizing & Transparent Costing

    In his latest post for WhichPLM, fit expert Mark Charlton explores the issues around men’s “big & tall” apparel offerings, and how behind the ranges are when compared to women’s “plus size” offerings.

    Sustainable Fashion: Where We Are Today

    In her latest piece for WhichPLM, Elizabeth Shobert shares her findings on some recent research Stylesage has conducted around sustainability in e-commerce. Elizabeth is a regular writer on WhichPLM, and is VP of Marketing at Stylesage.

    7 Priorities for Post-Pandemic Success …and How PLM Can Support Them All

    The COVID pandemic saw several fundamental shifts in the way fashion and textiles do business. Brands and retailers are responding through supply chain resilience and risk mitigation.

    The End of Monolithic PLM?

    In his first guest article for WhichPLM, Quoc Pham, Product Lead at VibeIQ, explores the legacy of monolithic PLM solutions and the future of GTM platforms. This piece builds on our own CEO’s thoughts earlier this month.