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    Building a Vision & Business Case for a PLM Implementation

    In their fourth guest article for WhichPLM, the team at Manner Solutions explores the value in creating a business case for a PLM implementation. Michael S. Robinson and his colleagues, Amy Hockenbrock and Erin Muller, share their first-hand Change Management and PLM experience in developing vision statements and engaging stakeholders to join the PLM transformation […]

    3D: Lost in Vis/rtualisation

    In her fourth featured article with us, resident Expert Dr Evridiki Papahristou explores the changing fashion market, and the confusion in the 3D virtual prototype technology field. Evridiki is a devoted fashion engineer with a research focus in the effective integration of 3D virtual prototype in the apparel industry, and sits on our Expert panel in implementing and […]

    Metadata, Data and Big Data; how XMP can bring it all together

    In his first guest blog for 2017, Dan Hudson – President of E-Spec and long-time contributor to WhichPLM – breaks down the various datum in our industry. For those looking to wade through this territory, this is a great guide.

    Conversations: Liron Slonimsky-Shemy, Awear

    Earlier this year, Liron Slonimsky-Shemy, Co-founder & CEO of Awear, took some time out of her busy schedule to chat to our Editor, Lydia Hanson. Liron (with a background in scriptwriting) and Lydia (from the theatrical, creative world) spoke passionately about two industries: the entertainment world [the majority of which has been omitted from this […]

    Design by Social

    In her latest exclusive for WhichPLM, resident expert Lucy Royle discusses the digital-social way of working that is becoming the norm in the fashion sector. She explores how socially-oriented PLM platforms are helping designers (and other key role owners) to quickly create fashion collections with the consumer very much in mind.

    Download: The Digitalization of Fashion

    Join the digital revolution today; get your hands on Lectra’s latest white paper, in collaboration with WhichPLM.

    Feedback Request: Help to Reshape Fashion

    In an atypical guest post, WhichPLM is today supporting Dr. Julie Becker in her quest to further educate and reshape the employees of tomorrow. Dr. Becker is a long-standing member of the WhichPLM community, with an ardour for fashion and education – something we know a great deal about.

    Shared Intelligence; Unburying Customer Feedback for the Good of PLM

    Brian Bednarek shares an exclusive with WhichPLM, around shared intelligence. Brian is the founder and CEO of MESH1, which connects brands with a global network of customer testers and converts their feedback into data-driven insights that take the guesswork out of pre-market product development.

    Stylesage Download: Smarter Trend Forecasting (part two)

    Today marks the second instalment (with the first posted just last week) of StyleSage’s series on how you can use data to inform your trend decision-making.

    Will Digital Development Take the Sector Full Circle?

    In his first exclusive for WhichPLM, resident expert, David Reay, weighs in on the changing digital landscape of the fashion industry over the last few decades. David is an expert in global manufacturing and the supply chain. My career in the fashion sector began many years ago as a trainee production engineer for Levi Strauss […]

    Stylesage Download: Smarter Trend Forecasting (part one)

    Today marks the first instalment of StyleSage’s series on how you can use data to inform your trend decision-making.