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    Do you have data you can trust? Preparing for the AI world

    In her first guest post for WhichPLM, Javeria Gauhar Khan of Data Ladder upholds the importance of clean data. When it comes to the implementation of any business-wide system or process – PLM, ERP, AI – the benefits can only be realized if the data you put in is of ample quality. Data Ladder is […]

    5 Ways Centric Quick Start Collaboration Packages Enable the New Normal

    In this advertorial, PLM provider Centric Software discusses their three Quick Start Collaboration Packages, and shares the benefits they can bring to the digital world we are all now living in.

    Becoming a Digital Business in a Disrupted Economy, in 3 Steps

    In their first guest post for 2020, Kornit Digital shares advice for retailers to enhance their digital experiences and up digital capabilities, for a post-COVID future.

    What Retailers and Software Vendors are not yet doing when it comes to PLM & Sustainability

    In her first piece for WhichPLM, Annabel Lindsay, Programme Coordinator for Mindless Mag, writes about the increasing use of technology given the current global climate, and the need for all sides of our industry to work together, to truly transcend into a sustainable era.

    How will Coronavirus Affect the Watch and Other Luxury Markets?

    Source: Watches & Wonders Here, Dakota Murphey follows up her COVID-19 & small retailers piece, with a post focused on the luxury market when it comes to the pandemic. Dakota has more than a decade of experience in business growth, working independently as a business consultant for a number of years.

    Download our PLM Buyer’s Guide 2020

    WhichPLM is delighted to announce that the latest instalment of the industry’s only independent PLM Buyer’s Guide is now available to download – exclusively as a free PDF!

    The Hopeful Side of Change

    Continuing our focus on Covid-19 and what it means for our industry, long-serving contributor Elizabeth Shobert shares her vision of the future of retail. Elizabeth is Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy at StyleSage.

    Fast Fashion, Sustainability and Finance

    Chris McCann, WhichPLM Expert and Director of Resilient.World, is a well-known figure in compliance and sustainability. Here, he discusses the links between the worlds of Finance and Fashion when it comes to sustainability. Circular Fashion, believes Chris, is well within our reach.

    (Tips for) Virtual PLM Implementations

    In his first in a new series of guest articles Prasham Kamdar, Managing Partner of Ptex Solutions, shares some of the ways in which Ptex Solutions has adapted to fit the current climate we find ourselves in.

    How Small Retailers Can Refocus for Covid-19

    Here, Dakota Murphey follows up her very successful data science piece, with some advice to (UK) businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic – specifically, small retailers. Dakota has more than a decade of experience in business growth, working independently as a business consultant for a number of years.

    The Future of Fashion is Digital, post-Covid-19

    In her latest piece for WhichPLM, Lucy Blackley shares her silver linings from the Covid-19 pandemic. Lucy is a PLM and Product Development expert, and sits on WhichPLM’s Expert panel.