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    Download: Pick your PLM for today, prepare for tomorrow

    Get your hands on this project handbook, presented by WhichPLM and PTC.

    Looking Ahead to 2019: 3 Business Strategies to Up Your Game in the New Year

    Here, guest contributor Christophe Therrey, Director of EMEA Sales with Centric Software, explores three business strategies for success in 2019.

    The Future of 3D

    In the third and final instalment in a small series for WhichPLM, guest contributors, Nick Wei and Amy Yeung FY continue their exploration of 3D – with a look into the future.

    The Forecast is Bright for 2019

    In this piece, the minds behind WhichPLM (CEO & Founder, Mark Harrop, and Editor, Lydia Hanson) share their thoughts for the coming year, and what we might be able to expect from our industry.

    PLM: Success Not Guaranteed

    In today’s article, our own CEO & Founder, Mark Harrop, shares his lengthy experience with PLM – more notably, the behind-the-scenes implementations and relationships that don’t always go as planned. Despite the huge strides PLM has made in recent years, it’s an unfortunate fact that PLM projects still fail. 

    How Technology Powers Sustainability

    Today, frequent contributor Elizabeth Shobert explores how technology can support a sustainable future for fashion. Elizabeth is Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy at StyleSage – an intelligence business, founded on the idea and mission that we can all do better, and that technology has the power to enable smarter decision-making.

    3D Technology: A New Dimension for Fashion

    In their first guest post for WhichPLM, PixelPool explore the many benefits of 3D working in apparel. PixelPool empowers the fashion industry, making brands more agile, sustainable and cost-effective through virtual technology.

    Chief Fit Officer

    Following his article exploring sizing standards, in his latest exclusive for us, WhichPLM’s fit expert, Mark Charlton, now discusses the lack of ownership around fit, and how this has caused problems throughout the industry.

    Why Textile Micro-Factories Will Change the Future of Fashion

    Here, resident digital printing expert Debbie McKeegan shares the benefits of emerging micro-factories in the Fashion and Textile industries. Debbie is the CEO of TexIntel – an expert advisory practice serving the Creative, Digital and Print Textile manufacturing Industry.

    Could 3D Become “Money Heist” in Fashion Technology Series?

    In a very topical final exclusive for 2018, resident Expert Dr Evridiki Papahristou explores 3D in relation to the popular Money Heist Netflix series. Evridiki is a devoted fashion engineer with a research focus in the effective integration of 3D virtual prototype in the apparel industry, and sits on our Expert panel in implementing and adopting 3D.

    3D Virtual Sampling: Evolution or Revolution?

    In the second instalment in a small series for WhichPLM, guest contributors, Nick Wei and Amy Yeung FY continue their exploration of 3D virtual sampling. Nick has over 25 years experience in CAD/CAM and PLM; Amy has a strong product management background, with a Bachelor of Science in Textile and Fashion.