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Conversations: Jonathan Zornow, Sewbo

Jonathan Zornow, Inventor of Sewbo, took some time out earlier this year to talk to WhichPLM. Jonathan is a visionary, and an all-round passionate and positive person. In this exclusive interview (and part of our ‘revolutionary technology’ theme), he speaks humbly of his creation, and shares his view and excitement on the future of our […]

PLM Reporting & Analytics; Quick Data Accessibility for making informed decisions

In their first exclusive piece for WhichPLM, Acnovate discusses the need for today’s retailers and brands to utilise enterprise PLM in conjunction with other data sources, to gain their competitive edge. Acnovate is a technology services provider with a focus on PLM, catering to Footwear & Apparel, Consumer Products, Medical, Manufacturing, Engineering, Communications and Media.

A Nettelo Advertorial; Transforming the way to design, manufacture, sell and buy the products we wear

In this guest advertorial fashion 3D technology entrepreneur, Yael Chojnowski, shares the story of Nettelo – the company she co-founded to develop mobile 3D body scanning, analysis and product matching solution. The Nettelo solution aims to obtain an accurate 3D digital model of a user’s body with a smartphone and provides cloud-based body analysis and […]

Fashion Imagery in the Next Dimension

In his latest exclusive for WhichPLM, resident expert Eric Fulmer (VP Operations & Strategic Growth at Capture Integration), explores fashion imagery from the visual content perspective. He explores the relationship between designer and technologist – a relationship in need of deeper collaboration.

PTC’s LiveWorx 2017: the WhichPLM Report

Our CEO has recently returned from taking part in the multi-day LiveWorx event, from PTC. This year’s conference took place in Boston, MA, hosting over five thousand attendees, with thousands more live streaming online. This is Mark Harrop’s exclusive coverage on 4 days of digital transformation!

PTC Download: Leveraging PLM to Improve Customer Experience and Engagement

Download your copy of PTC’s Connected PLM Series, part 3: “Leveraging PLM to Improve Customer Experience and Engagement”.

Translating the Conversation of Print

Today, Debbie McKeegan, resident digital printing expert, shares her most recent, exclusive piece with us. She explores common misconceptions around digital printing, the language breakdown between designers and printers, and how to best communicate with clients.

Browzwear: WhichPLM’s First 3D Evaluation

WhichPLM is delighted to publish our first 3D Supplier Evaluation!  After deciding to embark on evaluating the 3D market in 2017, we evaluated Browzwear at the beginning of the year.  

WhichPLM: 3D Supplier Evaluations

Earlier this year, we wrote about extending our evaluation arm to cover 3D, after numerous enquiries from the industry. Today, we are delighted to announce the commencement of the publication of our 3D evaluations. 

The Shared Fashion Economy

In her second exclusive blog for WhichPLM, Elizabeth Shobert, Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy for StyleSage, pens a great piece on the fashion sharing economy. She discusses the model from a customer’s perspective, the logistics of shared fashion businesses, and the technology working behind them. StyleSage is a retail analytics business for the fashion […]

Biomaterials Shaping Technology

In his latest piece for WhichPLM, Yotam Solomon (resident WhichPLM Expert) discusses the development of cradle-to-cradle biomaterials, and the correlation between this and technological advancements. “It is our duty to invest in sustainable technology development”.