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    Download: Moving up the PLM Maturity Curve

    Are you wondering what – or what more – PLM can do for your business? Are you on track to gain the greatest value for your PLM investments? Thinking it would be great to benchmark your use of PLM against your peers and competitors?

    Snapshot: 3D to PLM Integration

    Since our inception, one of WhichPLM’s key objectives has been to portray an accurate view of the current fashion technology landscape, which has been focused predominantly on PLM.

    Download: AccuMark February 2020

    Get your hands on Gerber Technology’s latest brochure and watch your ideas become reality.

    Sustainability: Not a Fashion Trend!

    In his first guest post for WhichPLM this year, Valentin Karabanov explores the correlation between sustainability and 3D in our industry. Valentin has experience as a professional tailor and made-to-measure master; he has also worked with Browzwear and is the owner of a self-titled studio, using 3D for apparel brands and runway designers.

    Technological Advancements & Fashion’s Fulcrum for Change

    In today’s guest post, Embodee examines the apparel and footwear’s industry deepening commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions as climate change intensifies. The company’s writer and editor, Michael Bales, also explores the integral role of technological advancements, especially 3D product design and visualization.

    Plus Size Fashion: the Shape of Fit to Come

    In her first exclusive for 2020, Emma Hayes, womenswear customer fit expert and Founder of At Last, delves further into the industry’s issue with fit when it comes to plus size womenswear. Emma has worked in retail for over 3 decades, with a specific focus on womenswear and lingerie, and is fascinated by bodyshape diversity.

    Introducing The Interline

    Introducing The Interline – our brand-new publication, and the new home for fashion technology news and opinion. Our editorial calendar starts with a launch month focused on technology for luxury, and the rest of 2020 will cover key fashion technology topics.

    The Impact of Fashion on Climate Change

    In his first guest article of 2020, Patrick Bawn investigates the influence that fashion has on climate change, utilising his substantial experience within science communication

    Making it Work: Analytics Partnerships that Thrive

    With our focus on intelligent data for the month of February, long-serving contributor Elizabeth Shobert focuses on making a technology – specifically analytics – partnership work. Elizabeth is Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy at StyleSage.

    Storytelling for a Sustainable Future

    In her first piece for 2020, Laurie Stewart, Founder of Mindless Mag explores how we can do more than just give lip-service to sustainability in fashion.

    Lost in Space; When the Lack of Big Data Fails to Lead the Way

    In their first piece for 2020, Michael Robinson & Orlando (Oz) Zambrano of Manner Solutions discuss the importance of data aggregation in a right-here, right-now economy. Manner Solutions offers a suite of software solutions catered specifically to the RFA market.