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    A Platform for Materials

    In this third article, Thomas Teger, CPO of swatchbook, inc takes a closer look at how materials can and should become an integral part of the digital product development process, rather than being an afterthought.

    Digital Textile Printing Unlocks the Supply Chain & Offers Speed Alongside Sustainability

    Here, resident digital printing expert Debbie McKeegan shares the need for true supply chain sustainability in the digital printing marketplace. Debbie is the CEO of TexIntel – an expert advisory practice serving the Creative, Digital and Print Textile manufacturing Industry.

    5G & Fashion PLM; the Next Generation

    Our Founder & CEO, Mark Harrop, shares his thoughts around 5G and what it means for retail, footwear and apparel. He takes us through the advent of each generation, beginning with 1G, and closes with a vision for the future. 

    The New Era of Fashion and Apparel

    Here, EFI Optitex share their first exclusive with WhichPLM for 2018, discussing digital transformation, what it really means to our industry, and just how important it is to get on board. Optitex develops 3D virtual prototyping and 2D CAD/CAM pattern and fashion design software that is both innovative and easy to use.

    Life’s a beach; the swimwear market has never looked more chic

    In their first exclusive for WhichPLM, Kornit Digital discusses the benefits of digital and direct-to-fabric printing, using an topical example: swimwear. Kornit Digital develops, manufactures and markets industrial and commercial printing solutions for the garment, apparel and textile industries.

    Risk, Resilience & Reward: Cyber Security in a Changed World

    Originally running in our 6th Edition Report, ex-Editor, reporter and contributor to WhichPLM, Ben Hanson, discusses cyber security. This piece accompanies a dedicated IoT series from Ben, all of which you can find in our 6th Edition. 

    LiveWorx 2018: The WhichPLM Report

    WhichPLM Contributor, Ben Hanson, has recently returned from PTC’s LiveWorx 2018 event, where he hosted and moderated three days’ worth of retail breakout sessions, and covered the full spectrum of innovations on the expo floor and on-stage. This is his report.

    The Future of Payments

    In her latest piece for WhichPLM, Elizabeth Shobert, explores the future of payments. Elizabeth is Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy at StyleSage – an intelligence business, founded on the idea and mission that we can all do better, and that technology has the power to enable smarter decision-making.

    How Visual Search will Redefine Retail Merchandising

    Here, Ted Mann, CEO of Slyce, shares some retail advantages of visual search. Slyce specializes in visual product search. Avid readers will remember Ted’s feature as part of our ‘Conversations’ series last year. Previously he founded the SnipSnap coupon app, InJersey hyperlocal network, and was a writer and editor at Gannett.

    The Designer’s Struggle with Materials

    In this second article of a four part series, Thomas Teger, CPO of swatchbook, takes a look at how materials are being used and represented in the digital design process and how, once again, design and engineering are seriously disconnected.

    WhichPLM Report: The PLM Buyer’s Guide 2018

    WhichPLM is delighted to announce that our newest report is now available. WhichPLM’s PLM Buyer’s Guide 2018 focuses on extended market analysis, vendor & consultant listings, and intelligence, and for the first time is available exclusively as a free PDF rather than a print publication.