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Assyst at the ISPO – How Sportswear Becomes Digital


Munich/Kaiserslautern, 21.01.2019 Digitalized processes massively accelerate the development of collections – and sportswear also benefits from digitalization. Assyst will be demonstrating this to visitors at the 2019 ISPO in Munich from February 3-6.

3D is the key technology for digitalization in the apparel industry. The simulation of clothing opens up many possibilities across the entire process chain of the industry. Assyst will be at the ISPO in Munich for the first time (February 3 to 6, 2019). In two cooperation projects, the company will show visitors how the sportswear sector can benefit from digitalization, and the sheer versatility of 3D in use.

3D makes color reliable

Assyst will be in one ISPO hall with the Digital Textile Connection. The merger with the companies Color Digital, DMI, Eizo, Epson, Peter Buedel Accessoires and X-Rite Pantone shows how the technologies of the individual companies can interact perfectly to contribute to optimal color imagery along the entire clothing development and production process. “The correct transfer of color values through various work steps from the design stage to the finished product is one of the greatest challenges in producing a collection,” says Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of Assyst GmbH. “3D is much more than a design tool – it opens up a wide range of possibilities for the apparel industry, and that’s what we intend to demonstrate at the ISPO.”

The Microfactory – 3D used in production that’s individualized for customers

Assyst will also be in a second hall, using 3D in a completely different scenario. The company will show visitors how customers can use 3D Vidya in a Microfactory to create their own individual ski pants designs on a PC. The pants will be produced while the customer waits. The Microfactory is coordinated by the DITF Denkendorf. Other companies involved are Caddon, Duerkopp Adler, Epson, Ergosoft, Mimaki, Mitwill Texiles, Pfaff Industrials and Zünd. The companies have already presented their Microfactory together at several trade fairs. “So far we have mainly produced tops and running trousers at trade fairs. The ski pants for the ISPO are a completely new product,” says Seidl. The ski pants were developed by students of the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences with the support of Assyst.

Assyst at the ISPO

As part of the Digital Textile Connection: Booth C6/701-2

As part of the Microfactory: Booth C4.10-3

About Assyst

Digital is now! Based in Ascheim-Dornach near Munich, the Assyst company shapes digital work in the industry with its products and solutions and is regarded as a reliable and experienced partner for the digitalization of the industry. Assyst solutions make it possible to develop products in line with customer and market requirements, quickly and cost-effectively. The company covers the entire process chain, from design to the store. Assyst is globally active, with around 120 employees at its Munich & Milan sites and partners in many other countries.

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