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Assyst will continue – with Human Solutions at the reins


(KAISERSLAUTERN, ASCHHEIM- DORNACH,GERMANY, 28th MAY 2009) – The Human Solutions GmbH has taken over all software products, software-related services and the software-related hardware supplies of the former assyst/Bullmer GmbH from that company’s insolvency estate. As of today, the new Managing Director is Dr. Andreas Seidl.

“Human Solutions and assyst have had an intensive and trusting working relationship in different business spheres for several years now”, said Dr. Seidl. “It is our objective to successfully continue assyst’s business at the Ascheim-Dornach site. The products in the company’s key segments, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Data Management (PDM) and automarker.com play a decisive role here, since they are already being used in the production of several thousand customers all over the world. The associated business units of Development, Sales and Support will therefore be retained and successfully further developed”, Seidl explained. “Thanks to the absorption of all the company’s key personnel, close cooperation on the product and sales/technical levels and a new organization which will utilize the synergies of both companies, we have achieved the best possible scenario for successful cooperation – and our customers will reap the benefits of this. The complete value-added chain in the apparel industry can now be supplied – from the shop to product development and the patternmaking team. This takeover has created one of the largest, Germany-wide specialist suppliers for the apparel sector”, he concluded.

Human Solutions GmbH

The Human Solutions GmbH specialises in 3D body scanning and ergonomics simulation. The main focus of the company is on the virtual realization of the human being. The company develops and sells hardware and software solutions for body measurement and for the realistic simulation and integration of anthropometric/ergonomic data and proportions into product development. Human Solution’s current customer list contains more than 300 names – including well-known companies like Karstadt, Hirmer, Engelhorn, Odermark, van Laack, the US and Swiss armies, Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen and Airbus Industries.

The Human Solutions GmbH currently employs around 70 employees in Kaiserslautern, Germany and Detroit, USA.

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