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Atlas Design Group Goes Live on Lawson Fashion PLM After Successful Implementation by PDP


(MANCHESTER, UK, 9 DECEMBER 2011) Atlas Design Group AB has this week gone live on the Lawson Fashion PLM system, following a smooth implementation conducted by the Product Development Partnership (“PDP”).

“The Atlas Design group was experiencing rapid growth, in terms of turnover and operations, and the company felt the need to refine and modernise its support for product development. It is typical for any company growing at the speed of Atlas, that they need a solution to support their brand expansion and give them the ability to improve their product specifications. I firmly believe that the right PLM solution, properly implemented, is one of the most important IT investments any company can make.”, said Mark Harrop, Managing Director of PDP.

Atlas Design Group AB aims to become the European leader in accessories, shirt, ties and underwear for men and women.  The company’s brand image is underpinned by passion, tradition, knowledge and premium quality, and PDP were engaged to implement their chosen solution in line with those core philosophies.

“[PDP’s] work consisted of an assessment and evaluation of the Atlas Design Group´s current position and business opportunities in order of priority. […] We decided subsequently, based on performed work, report and references, to engage PDP as consultants in the implementation of Lawson PLM.”, said Jean Raymond, COO of Atlas Design Group AB.

PDP are one of the world’s leading retail and apparel product lifecycle management consultancies, with a brand defined by uncompromising ethics and demonstrable expertise.  With decades’ worth of experience and an absolute focus on the retail, footwear and apparel industries, PDP’s consultants worked closely with Lawson’s own team to ensure that the implementation was conducted according to well-established best practices, and in a way that will enable the company to achieve the maximum return on that investment.

“Our team of industry experts have conducted successful, large-scale PLM implementations for retailers, brands and manufacturers of all shapes and sizes – from boutique designers to multinational corporations.  Delivering an enterprise IT solution is complex and challenging at the best of times but delivering one on time and under budget is an absolutely fantastic achievement! The Atlas Design PLM project has been extremely successful from start to finish and I applaud Jean Raymond and his team for the enthusiasm and dedication they gave to this project.” Rob Smith (Operations Manager for PDP) who was managing the implementation for PDP.

Raymond went on to say that “We appreciate PDP´s extensive knowledge and experience of both the apparel industry and PLM. Mark Harrop and his team have proved to be a reliable and highly skilled partner in developing an adequate and suitable solution for the Atlas Design Group.”

The PDP team – with more than 150 implementations between them – have become some of the industry’s most trusted advisers, and this announcement is only the latest in a series of high-profile PLM implementations that have been awarded to them in recent months.

The company has reported record growth as a result – recently announcing further expansion of their UK-based team in line with rapidly-growing demand for consultancy, implementation management and value-added development services.

About PDP (www.pdplimited.com)

The Product Development Partnership provides expert consultation services to companies in the retail, footwear and apparel industries who are looking to implement new software or enhance their existing product development or PLM. With several decades’ combined experience, a unique skill set and global expertise running the gamut from design to delivery, its services are informed, proven and completely impartial.

About Atlas Design Group AB (http://www.atlasdesign.net/)

Founded in 1943 with headoffice in Gothenburg, Sweden. Atlas Design Group AB is owned by Tied Up AB.

The company is specializing in men’s and women’s accessories. Along shirts and ties, Atlas Design produces and distributes underwear and nightwear. Our strong company foundation is held together with a strong brand DNA where passion, tradition, knowledge and premium quality marks the cornerstones of our company.

Atlas Design Group AB has affiliates in Denmark, England and Germany, as well as an office in Como, Italy, that focuses on product development.

A unique combination of sound customer relations and strong creative drive has made Atlas Design one of the leading accessories companies in Europe.

Atlas Design Group AB plans to become Europe’s leading fashion house for accessories “hip and up” for men and women.

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