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Atlas Design Selects Lawson Fashion PLM and QuickStep Fashion for Sourcing


Industry-specific solution from Lawson Software to help gain better control and unified processes for significant player in the Swedish fashion industry

(LONODN, OCTOBER 29, 2010) Lawson Software today announced it has signed a contract to implement Lawson QuickStep for Fashion Sourcing with Atlas Design Group AB. Atlas Design is a Swedish manufacturer and distributor of accessories, underwear, nightwear and shirts. The company will replace its legacy software with the Lawson enterprise system designed specifically for the fashion industry, using the Lawson QuickStep for Fashion Sourcing solution, which can help deliver a faster implementation with lower cost and risk. In addition the company will also implement Lawson Fashion PLM (product lifecycle management). The Lawson solutions will help Atlas Design manage and unify its business processes at multiple sites and support the company’s growth plans. The project will cover all countries Atlas Design is currently represented in, which includes Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and the U.K. The contract was signed during Lawson’s second quarter of fiscal 2011, which will end on Nov. 30, 2010.

Atlas Design was founded in 1943 and is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, from where it manages design, production, distribution and marketing. The company has affiliates in Denmark, the U.K. and Germany as well as an office in Italy that focuses on product development. Atlas Design is specializing in men’s and women’s accessories. Atlas produces and distributes a variety of apparel items under the brand names Atlas Design and Guthrie & Valentine –  and on license among others for Tiger of Sweden, Joop and Bugatti.

Atlas Design opted for Lawson QuickStep for Fashion Sourcing, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package that pre-configures more than 70 percent of core fashion industry business processes and addresses specific requirements of brand owners that design, source, and distribute. This can help reduce implementation time by up to 50 percent. In addition the company will implement Lawson Fashion PLM, a collaborative, web-based suite of applications to facilitate the management of products, from design all the way through production. It comes with more than 300 built-in and configurable forms. Lawson partner PDP Limited will secure the implementation of Lawson Fashion PLM.

“The Lawson QuickStep solution for the fashion industry combines industry-specific content with built-in business tools based on Lawson’s experience and deep understanding of the fashion industry. This made Lawson a great cultural and functional fit for our business, where we need to reduce time-to-market, innovate faster and with more accuracy and greater input from external and internal partners,” said Jean Raymond, COO at Atlas Design. “Lawson QuickStep for Fashion Sourcing and Lawson Fashion PLM offer us the functionality we need to help us get up and running quickly and meet our requirements in a multi-unit environment.”

“Lawson QuickStep for Fashion Sourcing and Lawson Fashion PLM are industry-tailored solutions and can help companies like Atlas Design achieve their business objectives. Especially for growing companies like Atlas Design, we offer products that can help deliver value and benefits faster and more cost-effectively,” said Frédéric Champalbert, general manager for Fashion at Lawson. “With more than 350 fashion customers globally, Lawson can offer businesses industry knowledge and industry-specific functionality that will help fashion companies achieve their goals.”

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