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Auchan China Successfully Deploys PLM, Allocation and Store Replenishment Solutions from TXT Retail, an Aptos Company


ATLANTA, Dec. 14, 2017 TXT Retail, an Aptos Company, today announced that Auchan China has successfully deployed TXTPLM and TXTPlanning (Allocation and Replenishment) for all of its stores and across the complete range of its apparel and footwear products.

This success paves the way to the second phase of the project in which Auchan China will implement TXT Retail’s merchandise financial planning and in-season management capabilities, thus covering the full spectrum of its processes, from design to delivery, with TXT Retail Merchandise Lifecycle Management.

With 80 hypermarkets and a growing business confronted by the increased volatility of demand, a strong call for localization and a need for speed in planning and execution, Auchan China recognized the value of adopting a complete, end-to-end platform capable of integrating any aspect of design, product development, planning and delivery into a single environment.

“By selecting TXT Retail, we have selected a corporate platform and a transformational partner,” states Emmanuel Fondeville, Director of Efficiency – China, Auchan Retail. “The TXT Retail solution helps integrate the work of different functions, while further increasing responsiveness of merchandise management as a whole. The recent go-live of TXT Retail PLM, Allocation and Replenishment is a great achievement; it gives us the key ability to speed up innovation, while closely integrating product development and buying with our daily planning activities.”

With TXTPLM, the objectives defined by category managers become input to the designers who create new styles in full alignment with these business guidelines, while providing support to the buying office which handles product costing and packaging specifications. TXTPLM and TXTPlanning are fully integrated with Auchan’s existing ERP system driving allocation and replenishment to all stores and for over 100,000 SKUs.

“In PLM we create, centralize and can share all product information, internally and with suppliers throughout China. The integration and synergies with Planning are tight and pretty unique, because as soon as the product is created in PLM, it is visible to the Planning office who will select the best locations, and determine the quantities that maximize service, margins and inventory balances,” adds Fondeville.

“We are proud to support Auchan China with our end-to-end merchandise lifecycle management solution,” said Zaki Hassan, Regional Vice President Asia at TXT Retail, an Aptos Company. “This go-live with a prominent tier-1 retailer in mainland China marks another important milestone for TXT Retail as we keep developing our presence and customer base in Asia.”

The TXT Retail solution is fully localized in Chinese and is being adopted by over 130 users, including category managers, designers, buyers, planners, stock managers inside the company and selected external suppliers.

Auchan China is applying the TXT AgileFit deployment methodology, which provides reference processes and a full set of documentation that accelerates deployments and time to benefits.

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