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With more than 20 years’ experience in the apparel industry, Mark Charlton is a technical leader who has worked with manufacturers, trading companies, direct-to-consumer retailers,omni-channel national and global brands. His key focus is product groups from M2M tailoring to lingerie and everything in-between. He has an uncompromising approach to understanding the complexities of apparel fit, both on a consumer and global level. Additionally, Mark has a proven record of driving and implementing organizational and process change from corporate teams throughout the global supply chain.

Gender Relevance for Apparel Sizing and a Non-Binary Approach

In his first post for 2022, fit expert Mark Charlton explores the (much needed) rise of all-gender apparel, and how this is accelerating shape-based fit. 

Fit is a Facet of Consumer Experience

In his latest post for WhichPLM, fit expert Mark Charlton explores the ever-changing consumer experience around fit. He adds some more requirements to his previously coined role of Chief Fit Officer, and pushes the important of a good fit experience.

Fit-ernet of things (FoT)

In his latest post for WhichPLM, fit expert Mark Charlton explores what he has coined the ‘Fit-ernet of Things’. Mark believes that, in order to really predict fit preferences, a foundation of connected individual data needs to be collected, analysed and used.

Fit: the Underserved Attribute of Product

In his first post for WhichPLM this year, fit expert Mark Charlton explores the competitive advantage that is fit. Mark believes that fit and sizing need to be treated in a similar way to other product attributes (colour, fabric, wash etc.) in order to be fully understood and iterated.

How Do You Measure Fit Success?

Today fit expert Mark Charlton discusses the barriers to fit success if we continue down our industry’s current path. He shares his view of a world with lower product returns, higher inventory management, and satisfied, brand loyal consumers.

Data: the New Gold

In his first piece for 2020, fit expert Mark Charlton discusses individual fit preference in a consumer-centric era. Understanding and predicting fit preference, Mark believes, is key to solving the problem of apparel fit.

Fashion Trends are Reciprocal, but is the Fashion Supply Chain?

Here WhichPLM’s fit expert, Mark Charlton, shares his views on the changing ways apparel is manufactured in fashion, and what the future could look like.

Multi-Dimensional Body Shapes; the Department Store’s Secret Weapon?

Here WhichPLM’s fit expert, Mark Charlton, shares his views on fit in relation to department stores – and what they might have been getting right all along…

Can Merchants Help Solve the Fit Problem?

Following his article earlier this year exploring the importance of a ‘Chief Fit Officer’, here WhichPLM’s fit expert, Mark Charlton, shares his views on the role of the merchants when it comes to apparel fit.

Chief Fit Officer

Following his article exploring sizing standards, in his latest exclusive for us, WhichPLM’s fit expert, Mark Charlton, now discusses the lack of ownership around fit, and how this has caused problems throughout the industry.