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With a career spanning four decades David Reay has influenced the shape of some of the world’s leading brands, renowned for their quality, precise in their delivery and efficient in their processes. He coaches leadership teams, from fast-fashion to high-end luxury names, and knows the inner workings of a textile business from top-to-bottom. With first-hand experience of every function he has the expertise to thoroughly analyse business model, working practices, processes, supplier and customer contracts, financial and operational data. He has undertaken due diligence for stakeholders including VCs and fund managers as well as new owners on the metrics of a business and how they may be improved. David is our global manufacturing and supply chain expert.

Will Digital Development Take the Sector Full Circle?

In his first exclusive for WhichPLM, resident expert, David Reay, weighs in on the changing digital landscape of the fashion industry over the last few decades. David is an expert in global manufacturing and the supply chain. My career in the fashion sector began many years ago as a trainee production engineer for Levi Strauss […]