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Hanna Grzywnowicz, 'The 3D Printing Lady', is an Independent 3D printing, scanning and design consultant with multidisciplinary approach and hands-on experience with several 3D printing technologies. She also works as a freelance content creator, technical copywriter and photographer. In her free time she enjoys travel, photography and, naturally, 3D printing.Passionate about 3D printing since first reading about it back in 2009, she takes enormous pleasure in learning and spreading the word about the new developments on the 3DP front. Her current project involves researching the use of 3D scanning and printing in artefact digitisation, along with their potential role in future VR applications.

It’s Time to Enjoy 3D Printing

In her first exclusive for WhichPLM, Hanna Grzywnowicz, ‘The 3D Printing Lady’ explains the current landscape of 3D printing in Fashion, and the problems we have – technically speaking. Hanna is an independent 3D printing and design consultant and content creator, always eager to share her research and discuss her findings. When you type ‘Fashion’ […]