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Mark Harrop is the founder and Managing Director of WhichPLM. During a career that has spanned more than four decades, Mark has worked tirelessly to further the cause of PLM – providing the unbiased, expert advice that has enabled some of the world’s best known retailers, brands and manufacturers achieve efficiency savings across their entire supply chain through informed technology investments.

Can Your Business Truly Deliver A Successful Digital Transformation Project?

In his first piece for 2022, WhichPLM Founder Mark Harrop shares his tips on delivering a successful digital transformation project – a project incorporating your entire value chain.

Innovations, Trends & Disruptions for Fashion in 2022

In his final instalment for 2021, WhichPLM’s own Mark Harrop shares his thoughts on some key innovations coming to fashion next year.

Platform Ecosystems & the Principles of Interoperability

Is your PLM platform truly and fully open, or is it only partially open or even closed? This is a question that you should ask of your own PLM implementation and future transformation strategy.

Is a Seismic Shift on the Horizon?

In today’s exclusive, WhichPLM’s Founder & CEO shares his thoughts on changing technological architecture in Fashion. Mark discusses platform-ecosystems and the next ‘big shift’ in the way we deploy software.

The Bill of Process (BOP)

This collaborative piece from WhichPLM and Made2Flow explores the need for the Bill of Process (BOP) to be integrated into PLM. When it comes to true sustainability, it’s the combination of the BOM, BOP & BOL that will achieve results.

A Changing Breed: Digital Platforms in the Retail Ecosystem

In today’s exclusive, WhichPLM’s Founder & CEO shares his vision on the not-too-distant future of Fashion Technology. Mark’s career has spanned constant technology innovation and, he believes, the future is contingent on collaboration between all parties …even if that means the competition.

Analytics, AI & ML: Accelerating PLM Across Fashion’s Value Chain

In his first piece for 2021, Founder & CEO of WhichPLM Mark Harrop, shares the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning within PLM. He believes that if PLM vendors accelerate and expand their use of AI it will become, without a doubt, a critical element of any fashion company’s 2021 strategy.

Choosing a PLM That Best Meets Your Company Needs and Budget

Originally published in our PLM Buyer’s Guide 2020, we believe this piece deserves a post of its own. Our CEO & Founder, Mark Harrop, shares some commonly asked questions when it comes to starting out on a PLM journey – along with our answers. 

Multi-Tenant PLM Platform​s: a Breakdown

Following on from his recent exclusive, WhichPLM’s own Mark Harrop discusses the rise of multi-tenant PLM and how the solution(s) differ from single-tenant PLM offerings. He takes an objective look, and shares the challenges with implementing both options.

Teaching PLM to Become Intelligent

Here, WhichPLM’s Founder & CEO, Mark Harrop, explores the changing world of Artificial Intelligence as it relates to PLM – and, more specifically, how PLM can harness AI going forward.