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Mark Harrop is the founder and Managing Director of WhichPLM. During a career that has spanned more than four decades, Mark has worked tirelessly to further the cause of PLM – providing the unbiased, expert advice that has enabled some of the world’s best known retailers, brands and manufacturers achieve efficiency savings across their entire supply chain through informed technology investments.

Snapshot: 3D to PLM Integration

Since our inception, one of WhichPLM’s key objectives has been to portray an accurate view of the current fashion technology landscape, which has been focused predominantly on PLM.

Extended Reality: Redefining Fashion

Originally published on WTiN, today Mark Harrop, WhichPLM Founder & CEO, explores the emerging use of XR in Fashion.

Virtual Design & Development; Today’s Norm

In his fourth exclusive this year, our Founder & CEO, Mark Harrop, explores the world of virtual design & development – specifically, 3D and scanning.

The Future is Today

In his third exclusive this year, our Founder & CEO, Mark Harrop, builds on his last piece about the future of fashion. Spanning a more than four-decade long career in fashion, he continues to draw on the previous digital innovations our industry has seen.

The Next Digital Chapter for Fashion

In his second exclusive this year, our Founder & CEO, Mark Harrop, shares his thoughts on the near-term future of our industry. Spanning a more than four-decade long career in fashion, he also draws on the previous ‘digital chapters’ our industry has seen.

Looking Back & Moving Forward

In his first exclusive this year, our Founder & CEO, Mark Harrop, shares his thoughts on what we should be focusing on in 2019 and beyond.

Clothing production in the future

Individualisation, automation and digitalisation: micro-factories are the way forward for the future of clothing production and will be the main theme of Texprocess in Frankfurt am Main from 14 to 17 May 2019. “Send your favourite design to the manufacturer today via an app and wear your individually designed, perfectly fitting trainers or shirt tomorrow. […]

PLM: Success Not Guaranteed

In today’s article, our own CEO & Founder, Mark Harrop, shares his lengthy experience with PLM – more notably, the behind-the-scenes implementations and relationships that don’t always go as planned. Despite the huge strides PLM has made in recent years, it’s an unfortunate fact that PLM projects still fail. 

5G & Fashion PLM; the Next Generation

Our Founder & CEO, Mark Harrop, shares his thoughts around 5G and what it means for retail, footwear and apparel. He takes us through the advent of each generation, beginning with 1G, and closes with a vision for the future. 

Infinite Fashion

Here, our own CEO, Mark Harrop, shares his thought leadership view on the current landscape of any Fashion business – technologically speaking. He delves into what WhichPLM has coined Fashion’s ‘infinity loop’, emphasizing the importance of digital integration. The next wave of fashion technology integration is happening whilst I write my latest article on what […]