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Mark Harrop is the founder and Managing Director of WhichPLM. During a career that has spanned more than four decades, Mark has worked tirelessly to further the cause of PLM – providing the unbiased, expert advice that has enabled some of the world’s best known retailers, brands and manufacturers achieve efficiency savings across their entire supply chain through informed technology investments.

WhichPLM Blog: 15 April 2011

It’s not that long since PDM started collaborating using enabling technologies, but times have changed quickly. Mark Harrop looks at the growth of mobile PLM and explains why the most forward-thinking solutions are going mobile.

Welcome to the new WhichPLM

Mark Harrop, Managing Director of PDP Limited, the team behind WhichPLM, welcomes our readers to the new face of WhichPLM. Mark looks at how the industry has grown since its inception, and how we at WhichPLM are keeping pace, and providing new and better content informed by our long-standing ethics.

WhichPLM Blog: 26 October, 2010: What do customers want from future PLM?

The results of WhichPLM’s customer survey, with some interesting feedback from fashion PLM users, provides plenty of insight on future industry requirements. The first independent fashion PLM customer survey was a hot topic of discussion over the summer for fashion customers of PLM solutions, solution suppliers and industry educators, all eagerly awaiting the results of […]

WhichPLM Blog: 07 October, 2010: Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising There has been an increasing demand for PLM across the fashion industry lately, with many businesses jumping on board to take advantage of the efficiency savings and powerful new ways of working that the right solution can deliver. These benefits are just the start, however, and an increasing number of companies are not […]

WhichPLM Blog: 17 August, 2010: Which PLM update

One of my closest friends within the PLM industry,  Prasham Kamdar called round to my home last week whilst on an extended trip from India and USA  and as sad at it may sound, we quickly got onto our favourite subject of PLM!

WhichPLM Blog 14 August, 2010 PLM implementations made simple, easy and fast!

Well that’s what a few PLM suppliers would like you to think, however this is far from the truth in my opinion. I’ve been involved in hundreds of apparel PDM and PLM solutions searches and implementations over the last 22 years and I can tell you from first hand that there are no simple, easy and fast methods to implementing a successful PLM solution.

WhichPLM Blog 01 August, 2010: Taking the right steps to choosing a PLM supplier

Companies must be careful and exercise great caution when taking first steps in choosing a PLM supplier and starting out on a PLM project, before they reach this point they must first stop and ask themselves many important questions.

WhichPLM Blog 26 July, 2010: WhichPLM Update

Hello all and my apologies for the lack of blogs in recent months. The truth is that I started the year with a mammoth amount of travelling that has taken me all over the world to places like, Australia, New York , L.A., France, Holland, Italy and Turkey.

WhichPLM Blog 01 March, 2010: Customer Satisfaction Surveys- Part Two

The importance of customer satisfaction surveys – part two: If you have read last week’s blog where I outlined the benefits of customer satisfaction, you will have some idea by now why a satisfaction survey is such a critical part of the customer interface toolkit, in our industry or any other.  To reiterate, a survey […]

WhichPLM Blog 16 February, 2010: Customer satisfaction surveys

Making good use of customer satisfaction surveys  Over the years, many of the companies that I have worked with have undertaken customer satisfaction surveys of their PLM / PDM systems, aiming to use the feedback to help improve the total solution offering (software as well as support). Although each had the same goal in mind, […]