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Mark Harrop is the founder and Managing Director of WhichPLM. During a career that has spanned more than four decades, Mark has worked tirelessly to further the cause of PLM – providing the unbiased, expert advice that has enabled some of the world’s best known retailers, brands and manufacturers achieve efficiency savings across their entire supply chain through informed technology investments.

WhichPLM Blog 20 October, 2009: PLM adoption across the supply-chain

One of the most effective means of taking time out of the product development process is to join up the extended supply-chain… Today most retailers, brands and manufacturers that have implemented PLM tend to limit supply chain connectivity to its first level supplier, i.e. the supplier of the finished product. These companies are missing great opportunities […]

WhichPLM Blog 12 October, 2009: Automate to Consolidate

Automate to Consolidate: How to cut time from Product Development. The Product development process by far takes up the longest amount of time from concept to consumer, estimates vary based on the product type; 50-60 percent would be a good average for the industry. This may be as a result of this portion of the product […]

WhichPLM Blog 03 August, 2009: Surviving with Business Process Excellence

Making the right choices when it comes to PLM can help prepare companies ready for the when the economic situation turns around. What divides the winners from the losers in a recession? It all comes down to business process excellence. In or out of a recession, the main differentiator, when it comes to bottom line […]

WhichPLM Blog 30 July, 2009: PLM and the Value Road Map

How do you go about establishing your blueprint for success? One of the first steps is to use a methodology that some people and organisations call the ‘Value Roadmap’ or ‘Value Assessment’ to help you to pin-point the value from implementing a PLM solution. The ‘Value Roadmap’ is often delivered by the PLM suppliers or […]

WhichPLM Blog 13 July, 2009: The Perfect PLM Match Made In Heaven

So you’ve had the first dates and you’re now getting closer to popping the key question: who is it that you want to spend the rest of your project with? OK you’ve spent time getting to know each other, you know what they have to offer and you like their looks: U.I. (User Interface), Features […]

WhichPLM Blog 10 July, 2009: How to define accurate ROI benefits

How to build a reliable ROI ahead of a PLM implementation   Building the ROI is as important as selecting the right PLM solution in my mind and it’s often something that’s swept under the carpet. People often get carried away and get taken in by the WOW factor generated by the latest features & […]

WhichPLM Blog 09 July, 2009: The Total Cost of PLM

Before going ahead with a PLM Strategy, you need to be aware of all the costs involved, including the hidden ones. So, what can you expect the Total Cost of PLM to be? Well one thing’s for sure, the total cost is probably going to be more than what is often stated by the marketing […]

WhichPLM Blog 08 July, 2009: PLM isn’t just about features and functions!

When You Choose Your PLM Software You Also Choose Your PLM Supplier   OK, so you’re ready to select your PLM solution; you’ve done your homework on your business pain points and matched these with the processes and functional abilities of a PLM Supplier’s solution. If that’s the case, stop right there! The fact is, […]

WhichPLM Blog 07 July, 2009: Top Ten Tips for a Profitable PLM Implementation

The Apparel & Textiles PLM market has experienced a massive growth in PLM since its forerunner, PDM (Product Data Management), developed in the late 1980’s by Microdynamics based in Dallas, Texas. Over the last few years, PLM solutions have continued to mature at an ever increasing rate and PLM customers, like your customers, are also […]

WhichPLM Blog 20 May, 2009: PLM Training and Education

PLM Training & Education I recently arrived home from a seven week trip to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Norway, France, Holland and finally Germany (for the IMB trade show), in between which I managed a few days at home to check-in with the family in Manchester to make sure that they hadn’t forgotten what […]