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An internationally recognised Design VP, Rob Warner has delivered business success and innovation at brands including Puma, Umbro, the Iconix Brand Group, and Lululemon where he played a key role in the global expansion of the brand and exponential growth of the mens division. Since 2016 Rob is the Co-founder and Creative Director of Spark, a virtual design agency with a global network of creative talent. Clients span luxury fashion, sportswear, automotive and manufacturing, and include Belstaff, McLaren and Bemis.

Are Innovation and Sustainability Meaningless?

In his first exclusive for WhichPLM this year, Expert Rob Warner discusses the concepts of ‘innovation’ and ‘sustainability’ and whether they’ve been rendered useless by dilution in fashion.

Decentralising Creativity

In his first exclusive for WhichPLM, our newest Expert, Rob Warner, discusses the pressure on brands and manufacturers to innovate in a world where they have less time than ever to do so. He discusses the looming notion of ‘Project 2020’ and the importance of flexibility for the individual employee – something that new technologies […]