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Bamboo Rose Launches Solutions for SMBs and Manufacturing


Bamboo Rose, the leading multi-enterprise product and supply chain platform, announces today the launch of Bamboo Rose for Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB), and Bamboo Rose for Manufacturing, two new offerings from the Bamboo Rose platform. Bamboo Rose for SMB is tailored for the innovative, high-growth SMB industry, and Bamboo Rose for Manufacturing provides manufacturers with a platform to connect directly to their customers and community, in a seamless way.

Finding success in the new digital economy for SMBs means companies need to have the ability to leverage product development, global trade management (GTM), and supply chain solutions without requiring a large IT department for deployment. Benefits include:

  • Award-winning software for Tier-1 enterprises modeled for the SMB market
  • Rapid implementation that drives down 80 percent of the implementation cost
  • A one-stop shop platform, supporting growth and global expansion, for product development innovation, sourcing, GTM and supply chain
  • Access to business services for supply chain, including customs house clearance, freight forwarding, as well as product and factory inspection at better than market rates

Faced with new market imperatives to differentiate and modernize, Bamboo Rose for Manufacturing offers firms the ability to transform their go-to-market strategies with new advancements for complex product configuration and collaborative product development. The solution provides:

  • Full support for all business needs from ideation through production, sales and delivery
  • A single B2B marketplace for collaboration with customers and global markets to extend their sales reach
  • Access to new sources for components and services to reduce product costs

“With vast digital offerings available to companies of all sizes, SMBs need a digital platform to compete. But the options and scale can be overwhelming,” said Sue Welch, chief executive officer, Bamboo Rose. “Bamboo Rose for SMB is easily rolled out and implemented with a streamlined user interface, allowing easy navigation without the need for a large IT department. Bamboo Rose for Manufacturing helps manufacturers directly connect with their customers, suppliers and the rest of their community. By giving them a platform to collaborate with suppliers and partners, as well as display their products, we give them the power to sell directly to their customers in a unified way.”

Bamboo Rose for SMB, which is a global offering that encompasses the entire platform, allows SMBs to take advantage of all available services, aggregate more data, while simultaneously driving costs down.

For more information about these offerings, please contact Bamboo Rose, at https://www.bamboorose.com/schedule-a-meeting/.

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