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BeProduct supports sustainability and social product development at Kanopy Brands


10/30/2018 – New York City – Fashion technology house BeProduct is proud to announce the successful, wide-scale implementation of its collaborative Product Lifecycle Management (“PLM”) platform throughout the multinational, multi-brand operations of sustainable childrenswear business Kanopy Brands, Inc.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Kanopy Brands (hereafter “Kanopy”) designs, develops, and produces a comprehensive range of children’s apparel and accessories under four wholly-owned brands: Oliver & Rain, Mac & Moon, Sunny & Sal, and Mini Stitch. Its products are sold internationally, through major department stores in the United States and United Kingdom, and the company also works on a private label basis for some of the world’s largest multi-channel retailers.

A thoroughly modern business, Kanopy’s agile, concept-to-consumer model places a strong emphasis on communication and sustainability. The company prides itself on the use of organic cotton, extensive efforts to minimize the use of plastics, the employment of biodegradable hangars and other best practices – all of which are made possible by extremely close supply chain relationships that span countries like Peru, Haiti, India, China, and Cambodia.

“Our business relies on global collaboration,” explains Chris Rork, Kanopy’s CEO. “We’re unique in that we might have a designer in Paris working on garment designs, an artist in Atlanta applying graphics, and a product manager in India applying trims – all to the same product, and all with the need to work seamlessly together. And there was no way for us to do that using traditional tools.“

Experienced in traditional PLM, Chris recognised the need for a new generation of product development solution from the moment the Kanopy business was founded, and quickly selected BeProduct due to its potent combination of accessibility, configurability, and functionality.

“When I started the company, the first thing I did was to approach BeProduct,” continues Rork. “I knew our entire business model was going to be driven by efficiency savings, and it took just a few days of testing to figure out the platform had the horsepower and the capabilities to power our business and empower our teams to work together. The affordability, functionality, and speed of implementation combined were a trifecta of excellence for us.”

In a short span of time, Kanopy has been able to fully exploit the potential of BeProduct, onboarding all close suppliers, and delivering significant efficiency savings throughout its collaborative design, development and sourcing practices.

“We use BeProduct for everything from style creation to sourcing and follow-up, it’s quickly become our primary global collaboration tool,” adds Rork. “Throughout design, development, and sourcing, implementing BeProduct has allowed us to become faster, more agile, and leaner in our operations, and just months after implementation we’re already seeing a direct return on investment.”

Following the initial implementation, BeProduct and Kanopy maintain a close working relationship, with Kanopy influencing the development of BeProduct’s PLM solution, and the BeProduct team providing a level of support that will allow the Kanopy business to continue to flourish in the future.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity work with the Kanopy team to bring their vision for the business to life,” adds BeProduct Director of Business Development Oshana Pinto. “Their unique approach to collaboration and sourcing, and their commitment to sustainability lend themselves perfectly to a new generation of PLM, and we look forward to building on our solution to provide even more opportunities for theirs and other businesses to employ best practices throughout their product lifecycles.”

About BeProduct (www.beproduct.com)

Built by the brains behind some of fashion’s biggest technology install bases, BeProduct helps brands and retailers inhabit the things they make. Every sketch; every stitch; every step of design and development. Headquartered in New York City, hosted on the cloud and designed with collaboration at its heart, our PLM solution is uniquely flexible and as full-featured as market leaders’, with none of the big enterprise bloat.

Sidestep the false choice between implementing off-the-shelf solutions or custom-building at huge cost. BeProduct is PLM done differently.

About Kanopy Brands (www.kanopybrands.com)

We are a company rooted in sustainability with an innovative business model that provides unparalleled value to our customers. With an experienced team of industry experts and the world’s largest children’s apparel manufacturer, we share a passion for developing highly successful concept-to-consumer initiatives.

We bring high quality products, thoughtful designs and meaningful brands to market. Our goal is to make life easier for moms and dads and leave the world a better place for our children through sustainable products and best practices.

BeProduct is a registered trademark of Wink Software. All other brands and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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