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BMS Unveils New Website


(NEW YORK, NY, USA, 07 SEPTEMBER 2011) The folks at Business Management Systems in Manhattan have unveiled their new website upgrade this week, and the results are a noticeable improvement on what was already a very good looking site.

BMS, leaders in PLM for the fashion and garment industry, have developed a strong web presence over the past couple years, and the new website reflects their commitment to bringing customers, and potential customers, the most user-friendly and useful web experience possible. The new site is easier to navigate and has a much sleeker look.

Not merely a portal into the BMS marketing platform, the website offers links to free industry white papers and webinars, and provides some key information about PLM technology and terminology for those researching Product Lifecycle Management.

The new website makes it as easy as possible to check out the VerTex PLM system, the primary software product BMS offers. With just a click, people interested in PLM can request a free demo, or view lists of key elements and capabilities of the VerTex system.

Of course, the new website links to the BMS Fashion and Technology Blog and to the websites of their major clients, (such as Elie Tahari, Helmut Lang, and Theory) and industry affiliates such as WWD, AAFA, and WhichPLM.

In-house web designer Jess Perkins says the new site not only looks better, but offers more for BMS and its customers. “Since we’re working on our search engine optimization, developing content changes and working to enhance brand awareness, we thought it was best to begin this process with a clean & contemporary design for our website.”

So, go to http://www.bmsystems.com/ and take a look at the redesign. If you’re looking for accurate, up-to-date news about Product Lifecycle Management, and related fashion manufacturing information, this is the place.

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