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Bombyx PLM Founder Nominated for Barclays Entrepreneur of the Year Award


Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, 23rd July , Lucy Blackley, Bombyx PLM’s founder and director has been nominated for the Barclays Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Bombyx PLM has been flying the flag for ethical, simple, inclusive, people focused solutions and ways of working way before the inception of our industry solution. It is an honour to be considered for such an award.” Lucy Blackley, Founder and Director – Bombyx PLM

We’ve always gone against the grain, and done things a little bit differently, and we’re proud of our accomplishments within an ever-changing industry.

Bombyx PLM is brand and a solution that is based around understanding and empathy. We’re not here for the upsell, we’re here for people and companies that want to transform their businesses digitally, and together, we walk through this transformation.

We came to inception through the first hand experience of digital transformation within our industry, and saw the harsh reality that was the cold (and very expensive) sale with little or no understanding of the effects it can have on companies.

Lucy decided to set up shop to eliminate this, and give companies a solution that is affordable and has very low risk, due to smaller initial setup costs, that eases brands into the world of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) by initiating Basyx, the core package for Bombyx PLM. From here, together we drop in the add-on solutions and customisations around this, enabling teams to transfer from their traditional analog to the new digital way of working, with minimal stress, and allowing their brains to naturally absorb the change without the pressures and challenges of switching it up.

“There is nothing worse than a disruptive ‘solution’ coming in to a business and the disruption being that of a negative effect where the company have been upsold all the ‘bells and whistles’ of a solution, only for it to not be implemented immediately, because it’s too much to handle for the teams within these organisations to close down their old process, and immediately start working on their platform.” Lucy Blackley, Founder and Director – Bombyx PLM

We’re people focused, in it for the long game, and scrapping that notion that PLM is a luxury for only larger corporations, and it is due to our efforts for inclusivity that we have been nominated for this fantastic award.

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