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BREAKING NEWS: Gerber Technology Makes Game-Changing Announcements at Texprocess


Texprocess 2019 was a major success! Gerber Technology exhibited their end-to-end solution and played a key role in the ”Smart Textiles Micro-Factory” exhibit. Both exhibits demonstrated how our solutions help to meet the challenges of small run productions by enabling made-to-measure and mass customization capabilities.


Gerber’s industry-leading, integrated end-to-end solution seamlessly takes you from design to print to cut through a full suite of software and hardware solutions. The workflow featured Gerber’s top-notch software solutions, YuniquePLM®AccuMark®AccuMark 3D and AccuNest™, as well as the world’s first fully integrated print to cut workflow that connected the Mimaki direct-to-textile printer directly to the Industry 4.0 enabled GERBERcutter® Z1 with ContourVision™. The GERBERcutter Z1 was featured in the “Smart Textiles Micro-Factory” exhibit which also utilized robots for embroidery, cutting and sewing to fully automate the entire workflow.

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in order to transform” – Jelle from Grosso Moda, loyal Gerber customer.


At the show, Gerber made some game-changing announcements that would truly empower brands, retailers and manufacturers to move with speed and agility. The 50-year-old company announced that it would be renewing its software offering through a new subscription-based model of their industry-leading AccuMark. The new business model gives users more control over their licensing and provides more updates, more often which means AccuMark users will always have access to the latest tools.


In addition to the new subscription-based business model, Gerber also announced that a new version of their best-in-class 2D-to-3D integration is on its way. The latest release of AccuMark features major improvements to the 3D space that gives a new dimension to pattern validation. This helps users validate fit and reduce the number of physical samples that are produced, helping them achieve a more sustainable approach to their workflow.


At Texprocess, Gerber also revealed a real-life application of their end-to-end solution, the Gerber by Waldripcollection. The collection, done in collaboration with Stephanie London, features several garments that were created using Gerber’s integrated solution which features YuniquePLM, AccuMark 2D and 3D, AccuNest and the Z1. Gerber’s innovative end-to-end solution enables digital printing which allowed London to create the collection quickly and easily.

“I decided I wanted to work with Gerber because they really give a young designer the ability to work so quick and easy” – Stephanie London, Waldrip

Gerber’s innovative solutions empower their customers to meet the challenging demands of today’s fast-paced world by enabling on-demand production and mass customization. As a leader in innovation, Gerber has an aggressive product launch schedule for the upcoming months

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