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C-DESIGN guest at Fashion x Technology Virtual 3D exhibition


The COVID-19 virus is increasingly having a negative impact on the fashion industry, putting brands and fashion houses in difficult situations. Global pandemic restrictions have caused the cancellation of all fashion events around the world.

Fashion companies are turning to digital solutions instead of having physical presentations of collections. Fashion technologies are now mature to face this new business environment. Virtual exhibitions are interactive experiences that place the client into a 100% digital environment.

Virtual 3d exhibition of fashion technology, October 10-18, 2020 

Imagine the Future…imagine a fashion industry with zero footprint on the environment, an industry where talent can flourish, where opportunity is equal and the possibilities are infinite… C-DESIGN is proud to participate to this exhibition which is a curation of artists and technologies driving innovation in the fashion industry.

We’ve reached a time where real-time, love collaboration is critical to our industry. Responding to the new needs of the fashion sector, C-DESIGN PLM is helping to shape the new reality of doing business in a data-driven world, supporting everyone involved in the value-chain.

About ThunderLily

ThunderLily is a group of artist engineers, founded in 2009 by designer Clare Tattersall who wanted to prove that high tech and high fashion fit in the same dress. They built a virtual fashion hub with a design software, mass customization options and single sketch-to-market process all in the virtual space. In 2012 ThunderLily was named one of Columbia University Tech Ventures’ portfolio startups and continue to consult with artists and entrepreneurs to bring technology to their design process while running workshops for young designers to explore engineering and technology through learning fashion design and wearable tech.

ThunderLily is not just about innovation, they are passionate about access to information and education. To keep information flowing, they have created a curriculum for young designers and donated their time to creating free garment district listings which provide access to the wealth of producers and suppliers in New York’s garment district and beyond.



Established in 1998, C-DESIGN® is a creative and innovative software house, specializing in developing, marketing and supporting creative software solutions for the textile industry.

Our mission is to provide the textile industry with effective technologies, innovative tools meeting industry key players evolving needs.

The Research and Development department continuously enhances C-DESIGN PLM with the aim to provide the most efficient solutions for an industry which is in constant change. The mission of C-DESIGN® is also to offer its services. Share their knowledge in terms of organization and internal communication. To help you maximize your work time, to improve the quality and speed of sharing information between all actors in the business. The teams gain in responsiveness, execution time, efficiency and profitability.



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