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C-DESIGN signs a partnership with Nonsdisclose.io to defend brands’ intellectual property


Paris, April 15. 2022 – Today, C-DESIGN announces its unique partnership with Nondisclose, an online timestamping solution for creations and designs. C-DESIGN thus becomes the first PLM to offer fashion designers to protect their models and know-how. From the creation phase and before the development of the products in the PLM, C-DESIGN offers the possibility to date the creations and to constitute elements of evidence in case of plagiarism.

A strategic / decisive partnership

The fashion industry is relying on creativity and know-how. Any creator – stylist, graphic designer, pattern maker, freelance, salaried or student – is protected by intellectual property law. However, in case of dispute, plagiarism or counterfeiting, he must prove his authorship and especially the date of creation of the work.


Thanks to its knowledge of the fashion industry, C-DESIGN has identified a growing need to protect fashion designers.  Fashion is a sector where copying is unfortunately a common phenomenon. Creating is the very essence of a fashion brand and protecting its creations must be obvious to any creator», says Patrick Abbou, CEO with C-DESIGN.

Why Nondisclose ? 

“We have developed an easy-to-use timestamping solution based on state-of-the-art technology, the Blockchain, which generates internationally recognized evidence.” said Catherine Agier, CEO of Nondisclose.

The Nondisclose solution consists in timestamping in the Blockchain of all types of documents (sketches, drawings, technical packages…)

“In less than three minutes, you drop off your creations and get a timestamped certificate with a tamper-proof fingerprint. This is a simple, fast, cost-effective and secure solution,” adds Catherine Agier.

All these advantages make Nondisclose a technology of choice for creators to optimally protect their creations.


Founded in 1998, C-DESIGN® specializes in the development, marketing and support of creative software solutions for the textile industry.

The C-DESIGN PLM solution developed by C-DESIGN allows fashion brands to speed up, simplify and manage the creation of their products.

  • 360° vision of product development accessible to all company’ departments.
  • Data centralization for an optimal reliability of product information.
  • Speed time-to-market and optimize costs with real time data updated.

For those in the textile industry, creating your fashion or home collection with C-DESIGN PLM has never been easier.

Web : https://www.cdesignfashion.com

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/c-design-fashion

About Nondisclose

Nondisclose has developed an online timestamping solution for original creations and data. Nondisclose provides every creator with tamper-proof, time-stamped, encrypted, and stored proof of creation in the blockchain. Nondisclose is aimed at all creators and innovators in the widest sense: designers, architects, researchers, authors, stylists, musicians, graphists, communication agencies…

All these actors who create on a daily basis can one day be confronted with plagiarism, counterfeiting and even theft.

Nondisclose allows everyone to register their original creations as they work, regardless of their format and size: drawing, pattern, presentation, innovation or invention described on a paper sheet, project, thesis, novel, sketch, recipe, lyrics, sample or remix, user interface, source code, advertising slogan, etc…

Every idea or creation deserves to be protected, and it is especially during the work of creation and reflection that a creator is most vulnerable. No need to have completed a creation to register it.

Unleash your creativity, with Nondisclose you are protected!

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