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“Capture to Manufacture” – a revolutionary new workflow for material visualization and new material development


Visualizing 2D designs on 3D objects has never been easier thanks to “smart tagging”

Irvine, CA, June 7, 2018 – swatchbook inc announced the immediate availability of “capture to manufacture”, a revolutionary workflow and approach to material visualization and new material development using mobile devices. A video of this new, revolutionary workflow can be seen here.

This new patent-pending technology and workflow utilizes the latest developments in 3D visualization for mobile devices, breaking down the complexity of visualizing 2D designs and patterns on 3D objects.

“3D visualization is still unreachable for many designers, in particular when you are mostly working in 2D”, says Yazan Malkosh, founder and CEO of swatchbook. “With today’s release we are making 3D visualization available to anyone who wants to see their 2D designs, with a few clicks, all on your mobile device.”

How it works

Without any prior knowledge of 3D anyone can either capture a new design or pattern using the camera on their iPhone or iPad, or utilize any image stored in their photo library. Using a brand new tagging system called “smart tagging” the user can put it onto a 3D object for which the new design is intended. Once applied to the 3D object users can spin, zoom and pan the object to get a good understanding of what the design is going to look like in context.

Designers can still further refine the captured pattern directly on the 3D object using interactive sliders, allowing them to change size, rotation and position of the pattern. At any point in time the user can take a snapshot of the design on the object which will be added to the material’s content.

All new designs are saved as new materials in the user’s own private library. These designs can be further refined at a later point, shared with other people in the organization, or shared with their favorite supplier or mill for new material development.

When satisfied with the new material development, users can process the new material using swatchbook’s online render processing services to obtain the high-quality drape, role and 1:1 display of the material.

“The revolutionary workflow is the fundamental game changer”, says Thomas Teger, cofounder and CPO of swatchbook. “It marks the beginning of a new type of visualization application  for quick design reviews at any time, on any device, without the struggle of having to master a 3D application. With this foundation in place, “Capture to Manufacture” will become even more powerful in future.”

Smart Tagging for instant 3D

In order to eliminate the complexity that is usually associated with 3D visualization applications the team at swatchbook developed a new tagging system which attaches 3D objects directly to a tag. Based on the selected tags using a visual approach, the system instantly applies the 2D design to the associated 3D model and opens an interactive, 3D view port to visualize the the 2D design on the 3D model.

Smart tags are also context sensitive. Utilizing swatchbook’s default settings, or using custom settings, a smart tag offers the ability to attach any number of sub-tags to further identify the material and for what type of product it will be developed.

3D visualization for all materials

3D visualization is not just available for newly developed materials, but any material in an organization’s library, and the public library which is available to all swatchbook subscribers. New materials that have been accepted to a company’s library can no longer be refined, but are visible to anyone in the organization.

If a material has a color range, a branch of materials that differs in color but is still linked to the main material, the user will see all available color ranges in the 3D viewport and can toggle through them by simply clicking on the bottom of the screen.

Connection with the supplier

Utilizing swatchbook’s ability to connect with and send requests directly to suppliers, subscribers can now share their latest design concepts for new material development. Rather than working of a 2D sketch or graphic, brands and suppliers now have a much better way of communicating design ideas and intent, fundamentally shortening the design cycle and as such resulting in better material designs.


swatchbook’s new material development process is immediately available for all swatchbook subscribers on both iOS as well as through the web application. The iOS application for both iPhone and iPad can be downloaded through Apple’s app store. To request a trial please contact sales@swatchbook.us, or select “request access” through the website or app.

See it live!

swatchbook will be exhibiting at the Alvanon Trailblazers event in New York City on June 14th, and also be present at PI Apparel New York from June 19-20, 2018, and demonstrate its latest developments to fashion designers, material developers and executives from the fashion industry.

Learn more

To learn more about swatchbook’s capabilities, integrations and partners visit www.swatchbook.us.

About swatchbook, inc

swatchbook is a design & software company that develops applications that make you smile. Founded in 2017, the company focuses on the development of cloud, desktop & mobile software applications that help integrate the creative community within an organization into the product development process.

swatchbook is located in sunny Irvine, CA. Its founders share a deep passion for good design & workflow, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges in the digital product development process & the future needs of companies in many industries.

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