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Update: WhichPLM on Tour

Earlier this year, we shared our plan for WhichPLM’s Tour. As part of a new series our CEO, Mark Harrop, has been shooting off around the globe to visit many of the world’s leading retailers, brands, and technology solution vendors. He will be speaking at events and touring headquarters throughout the year to share and […]

The Personal Touch

In her first exclusive guest blog for WhichPLM, Elizabeth Shobert, Director Marketing & Digital Strategy for StyleSage, explores the rise in personalisation using real-world examples. Elizabeth speaks with both the consumer and retailer in mind, and discusses personalisation from a price and product perspective, as well as an experience. StyleSage is a retail analytics company […]

Let’s 3D Print Fashion

In his latest, exclusive piece for WhichPLM, resident expert Yotam Solomon discusses the rise in 3D printing, and the myriad possibilities that come with it. He discusses seamless clothing, custom fit, mass scale fashion 3D manufacturing, and designing in 3D to comply with sustainable standards. Yotam shares how the industry is learning that fibres and […]

The Retail Revolution

Lucy Royle shares her fourth exclusive article with WhichPLM here, exploring how brands and designers can adapt to keep up with pace. In her first instalment in this series she explored ‘The Pencil Revolution’ and the transformative ways of working for designers in our industry; in the second piece, she delved into the world of 3D and what […]

Great Expectations

Here our Editor, Lydia Hanson, shares her thoughts on today’s ‘consumer experience’ and the expectations placed on both the consumer and the business they are buying from. As a member of Gen Y herself, Lydia focuses on millennials in particular …despite hating the term.