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Extending PLM: Integrating Planning to Kick-Off Product Development

In the second instalment of an exclusive series, business process expert Kilara Le continues to examine the increasingly diverse role that PLM (in both its core and E-PLM forms) plays in the product lifecycle. This month, Kilara covers the benefits (and potential pitfalls) of integrating a variety of systems with PLM in order to optimise the vital planning stage that serves as the spark for what will become retail products.

E-PLM: Extending the Role of Traditional PLM

In the first instalment of a fascinating, brand-new series, business process expert Kilara Le examines the place of Core PLM in the product lifecycle, and looks at how integration with a growing number of supporting solutions (those that we describe as E-PLM, and that take in everything from CAD/CAM to merchandise planning) has become such a vital part of many implementations.