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Centric Software Introduces Mobile App SDK

CAMPBELL, Calif., – Nov. 7, 2012 – Centric Software, Inc., will offer a Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) for its mobile product lifecycle management (PLM) apps.
“The Centric 8 Mobile App SDK enables companies to benefit from the leading work Centric is doing in mobile PLM,” says Chris Groves, president and CEO of Centric. Mobile App SDK leverages Centric’s Web 2.0, cloud-deployable PLM architecture. “Companies can use the Mobile App SDK to directly connect their brands to their market.” says Groves.
The Centric 8 Mobile App SDK will manage communications between Centric’s mobile apps and the Centric 8 server. Companies can use the SDK to develop their own mobile apps or personalize existing Centric apps for their brand-specific needs. The Mobile App SDK will be available to any company.
The Centric 8 Mobile App SDK will provide features including the following.
1.      Offline access capability – Develop apps that are fully-functional even if no wireless network is available.
2.      Image management – Use tools to retrieve images from, or upload images to, the server.
3.      PLM Web service queries – Interact with Centric’s PLM system to obtain information on specific products.
4.      User authentication – Provide data access controls through simple-to-use function.
5.      Personalize Centric apps – Tailor Centric-developed apps to meet specific company requirements.
“Leading retail, apparel, footwear, luxury and consumer goods companies can become closer to their consumer by developing personalized, brand-specific mobile apps,” explains Groves.  However, the amount and type of development work required to create effective mobile apps can be inefficient and costly. “The Centric 8 Mobile App SDK will let companies leverage Centric’s industry-leading capabilities to provide a strong brand experience for their customer.”
Mobile Apps for Centric 8 PLM
Centric—maker of PLM software for retail, apparel, footwear, luxury and consumer goods companies—is the developer of the industry-first Collection Book for Fashion iPad App and Capture It for iPhone App. Collection Book for Fashion allows users to directly link a collection of styles from a PLM system to customers through an interactive iPad app. Capture It lets users use iPhones to take and upload photos directly to the Centric 8 PLM system quickly, accurately and easily. The photos are instantly available for review, mark-up and analysis.
Software Developer’s Kit
A software development kit (SDK or “devkit”) is a set of software development tools that allows for the creation of applications for a computer system, such as a particular software package or software framework. Software engineers can receive an SDK from the target system developer offline, or as a downloadable app. Software development often provide SDKs to encourage developers to use their systems, and become development partners.
Centric Software, Inc. (www.centricsoftware.com)
Centric Software is a leading provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software for apparel, retail, footwear, luxury and consumer goods companies. Centric 8 delivers easy-to-use functionality to manage critical, inseparable business processes, including product development, sourcing, business planning, quality management and collection management. Centric 8 is a modularized system that implements and delivers value rapidly using an Agile DeploymentSM methodology.
Global enterprises including Balenciaga, Bass Pro Shops, Beretta, Bravo Sports, Christian Louboutin, Christine Laure, Colmar, DSquared2, Fox Head, INTERSPORT France, JD Sports Fashion, Kindy, KlimUSA, Longchamp, Newbrands, Ports 1961, Proenza Schouler, Silver Jeans, Sundance Catalog, Tally Weijl, Triple Aught Design and United Stationers use Centric solutions to achieve revenue growth, reduce costs and deliver trend-right products to their customers. Centric is the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan 2012 Global Product Differentiation Excellence Award in Retail, Fashion and Apparel Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
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