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Centric’s Collection Book for Fashion iPad App


(CAMPBELL, CA, OCTOBER 06, 2010) Centric Software, Inc., will present the new, interactive, patent-pending mobile Centric 8 Collection Book for Fashion iPad app in Paris October 8, 2010. With the Centric 8 Collection Book for Fashion app, Centric—leading provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions for makers of hard and/or soft lines in the fashion and consumer goods industries—will directly link a collection of styles from a PLM system to customers through an interactive mobile device. “The Centric 8 Collection Book for Fashion iPad app is transcending the customary boundaries of PLM, bringing the consumer closer to the designer and the latest fashions than ever before” says Chris Groves, president and CEO of Centric.

Incorporating last-minute collection updates

Designed for the high-fashion industry, the iPad app will allow fashion houses and designers to present their collections to buyers significantly faster and more accurately, explains Groves. The patent-pending app allows designers to incorporate last-minute collection updates—made only minutes before styles are shown on the runway or in the showroom—and then accurately portray the latest style options in real time.

Along with the collection presentation, the iPad app will enable fashion houses to take orders from customers and corporate buyers at a showing, at post-show corporate-buyer events, or immediately after runway events in local retail boutiques anywhere in the world. For the fashion industry, where the collection presentations manifest and build the brand, stimulate desire in the customer and spur sales, “the elegance, immediacy and accuracy of this system enables the fashion house to meet the customer desire, improve satisfaction, increase sales and provide a high-quality experience consistent with the brand,” says Groves.

Eliminating error-prone paper systems

Until now, fashion houses have used paper systems to present design ordering options and collect orders from corporate and retail customers. These systems were prone to errors and unable to keep pace with frequent last-minute changes to design styles, materials and colors. As a result, discrepancies between customer demand and available supply frustrated the customer and compromised the brand experience, and important orders—or worse yet, customers—could be lost to the fashion house.

Now, Centric’s Collection Book for Fashion iPad app will present style information from the Centric 8 PLM system at the fashion event or immediately afterward at boutique locations around the world, and deliver it directly to the customer in a visually appealing, highly intuitive style on the iPad mobile device platform. Design teams can work up to the last minute before runway shows. Customers can then see detailed images of all styles, review the full range of material and color options, enter orders, and know instantly if is the style is available for purchase.

“The Centric 8 Collection Book for Fashion iPad app will change the way the fashion industry works, and the way product designers and manufacturers perceive PLM,” says Groves. “As walls continue to fall, and merchandising becomes more mobile, PLM has the ability to help manufacturers and retailers meet customer needs and wants wherever they are.

”With the Centric 8 Collection Book for Fashion iPad app, Groves adds, PLM is no longer the domain of back-end processes and systems. “It’s about connecting product ideas and creation with product development’s technical processes, with merchandising and demand stimulation processes, and, now, with the end consumer—all with a speed, intuitiveness, ease-of-use and accuracy we could have only imagined a few years ago.”

Centric will demonstrate the Collection Book for Fashion iPad app at the Paris event. The company will market the patent-pending app as an optional module in the new 4.0 version of its Centric 8 PLM system.

Paris event details

Centric is hosting a PLM Seminar for Fashion, Apparel and Consumer Goods companies on Friday, October 8, 2010, 14H00 – 17H00, at Hôtel Saint James & Albany, Paris. For more information, please contact Fabrice Canonge, fcanonge@centricsoftware.com.

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