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CGS: WhichPLM Evaluation 2020


WhichPLM is delighted to publish our first Supplier Evaluation of 2020. In spring 2019, CGS acquired the business and the technologies of Visual Next (formerly Visual 2000); with both businesses having undergone an evaluation from WhichPLM in previous years, this marks the first formal evaluation of the newly released platform: BlueCherry Next PLM.

In September 2020, CGS released a new PLM platform named BlueCherry Next PLM. This replaces the BlueCherry PLM solution that had been part of the CGS application suite for years prior, and seeks to incorporate the best of the technology and process knowledge acquired from Visual Next with the heritage, brand recognition, and supply chain reach of CGS.

More than a straight rebrand of the Visual Next solution, BlueCherry Next PLM is built on a new technology stack, with an HTML5-native user interface that replaces an outdated Silverlight frontend, and an emphasis on ease of use and no-code configuration.

The new solution therefore represents two things: an entirely new prospect for PLM project team members to consider, and a statement of intent from CGS that should set the scene for further portfolio solutions to be rebuilt using the BlueCherry Next platform.

That re-architecting process has been an almost unqualified success:

  • BlueCherry Next PLM scored above the industry average in 39 of 44 functional areas.
  • Only 1 functional area was identified where the solution fell short of the industry average, and this is qualified in the full text of this report.
  • The solution met the industry average in the remaining 3 functional areas.
  • BlueCherry Next PLM scored a 3.5 or 4 star rating in 14 different functional areas – demonstrating considerable maturity.

The platform is especially strong in the areas of 3D integration, merchandise planning, material development, costing, supplier management and business intelligence.

And while a small number of caveats are also noted in this evaluation, on balance we believe that BlueCherry Next PLM has every chance of re-energising and differentiating the CGS and BlueCherry brand names in the PLM space. Read the full Evaluation to find out more.

Download your copy of CGS’ 2020 Evaluation here.

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