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CHF Industries Speed Time to Market with BeProduct


NEW YORK, NY, 16 August 2018. CHF Industries announces the successful deployment of the BeProduct social product creation platform throughout its entire global business, with implementation managed by digital innovation firm STYCHECO (‘Stitch-Co’).

One of the world’s largest suppliers of branded and private label home textile products, CHF Industries’ (hereafter “CHF”) products span the full spectrum of home accessories, bedding, bath products, and window dressings – at every price point from affordable essentials to total luxury. Every year, CHF products are sold through a multinational network of retail partnerships, with CHF being trusted to create private label programs for some of the world’s biggest and best-loved retailers.

Every CHF product is designed by the company’s award-winning in-house team, and CHF is recognized internationally for its ability to then bring on-trend products to market through cutting-edge product development, sourcing, and logistics processes.

To support a sustained period of year-on-year growth, as well as customers’ demands for more innovative products and materials, CHF chose to adopt the cloud-based BeProduct collaboration platform from WINK Software as a cornerstone of its global business transformation initiative. Prior to the phased implementation, only certain departments within CHF used a traditional PLM solution, making information, process, and knowledge sharing difficult – especially between international offices, and with partners and agents. In partnership with STYCHECO, CHF identified and was able to seize various opportunities to improve speed to market and trend acuity through social product creation processes, making a common source of information easily accessible to overseas teams and third party vendors.

“Although we had a PLM solution in place for more than ten years in one division, before BeProduct there was no way for us to clearly share information and collaborate with our overseas offices,” explains Spencer Foley, President of CHF Industries. “Our product timelines demanded a level of speed and clarity that was becoming difficult to achieve, so broader adoption of a truly modern PLM platform was key to CHF continuing to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

After an exhaustive search for a new, collaborative PLM provider, CHF chose the combined strengths of STYCHECO and BeProduct, whose unique industry knowledge, commitment to supporting all CHF teams, and prior experience with successful implementations and ongoing support were key criteria behind their selection.

“Another key part of our decision-making process was the PLM provider and implementation partner’s agility,” continues Foley. “It was hugely important to us that BeProduct could quickly identify and address any concerns we raised, and that we would also benefit from the enhancements and new features that are added to BeProduct weekly or monthly as they work with other clients. The BeProduct team demonstrated real attention to detail and showed that they had the flexibility and agility to respond to our requests. We invited our overseas offices to join in PowerHours forums, and together with the BeProduct and STYCHECO teams we were able to field ideas, make suggestions, ask questions, and make recommendations that we were confident would be listened to.”

Today, CHF has already realized results from its partnership with BeProduct and STYCHECO, as Foley explains. “BeProduct helps us to deliver our goal of bringing high-quality merchandise to market quickly. The platform has helped us to improve our product development processes, increase our speed to market, and has eliminated a huge volume of unnecessary meetings, trips, and emails. We see BeProduct as our edge in a competitive market; we plan to scale our implementation up progressively over time with the help of STYCHECO, who has been with us every step of the way, making sure our processes and the BeProduct platform both support the long-term goals of the business.”

Speaking after the successful go-live of the BeProduct platform at CHF’s headquarters and throughout the company’s supply chain, STYCHECO President and Founder, Darioush Nikpour, and WINK Software Founder, Daniel Pak, issued the following joint statement:

“We are thrilled to be joining CHF Industries on its business transformation journey. With the help of BeProduct’s cutting-edge SaaS solution, and STYCHECO’s expert consultation services and support, CHF has already been able to streamline its product creation processes, collaborate more effectively in a dedicated social space, and improve speed to market. But those productivity improvements are just part of the bigger picture; we are proud to be part of a long-term, sustainable partnership that will see CHF increase its lead over the competition with BeProduct’s innovative new features, its flexible, agile approach to development, and ongoing strategic support from STYCHECO’s expert consulting team.”

CHF Industries Inc (www.chfindustries.com)

Founded 92 years ago, CHF is under the leadership of chief executive officer Frank Foley, wife and business partner Joan Karron, and president and chief merchandising officer Spencer Foley. Our team includes over 400 designers, product development experts, sales leaders, merchandisers and logistics managers throughout the world.

STYCHECO Inc. (www.stycheco.com)

A digital transformation practice with over 20 years’ experience working with retail and lifestyle brands, StycheCo sits at the intersection of product development and technology. Working with brand owners, C-level executives, and IT resources, STYCHECO places a unique emphasis on aligning and scaling the digital and physical value chains. We also partner with various private equity and capital venture firms to improve the productivity, technology adoption and scalability of the different teams that make up their brand portfolios.

BeProduct (http://www.beproduct.com)

Built by the brains behind some of fashion’s biggest technology install bases, BeProduct helps brands and retailers inhabit the things they make. Every sketch; every stitch; every step of design and development. Headquartered in New York City, hosted on the cloud and designed with collaboration at its heart, our PLM solution is uniquely flexible and as full-featured as market leaders’, with none of the big enterprise bloats.

Manage apparel, footwear, and accessories. Use our bulletproof API to design custom apps without a line of code. Create color palettes by uploading street style snaps. Handle complex compliance requirements. Work more closely together on design and development. Do more of what you love, and let us worry about everything else. Sidestep the false choice between implementing off-the-shelf solutions or custom-building at huge cost. BeProduct is PLM done differently.

BeProduct is a registered trademark of Wink Software. All other brands and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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