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BlueCherry PLM by CGS

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Computer Generated SolutionsCGS has been at the forefront of fashion technology

since 1984, delivering world-class so

Our people are recognized industry leaders, providing guidance in the advancement of fashion technology through various trade associations. In addition, our customer advisory council and sub-committees regularly discuss operational and technology-related topics such as the latest EDI standards, changing retail requirements and evolving industry trends.lutions to such names as Brooks Brothers, Haggar, Marc Jacobs, Steve Madden and Tommy Bahama. From comprehensive ERP and point solutions like PLM, EDI and Supply Chain Collaboration to business consulting services, CGS stands ready to help you grow.Learn more about what the WhichPLM Verified stamp means


BlueCherry PLM gives manufacturers, importers and retailers the tools they need to successfully integrate product development, manufacturing, and the distribution processes so designers, merchants, buyers and production associates will be on the same page throughout the product development process. With BlueCherry PLM, you’ll be able to:

Images• Enhance product innovation—Spend less time filling out paperwork and searching for information and more time being creative. BlueCherry PLM puts information at your fingertips and reduces the administrative overhead of managing spreadsheets, e-mails and faxes.

• Easily manage design changes—Multiple design changes can be almost impossible to keep track of on a manual system. BlueCherry PLM lets you manage these changes easily and communicate them to all team members.

• Breakdown information barriers—Different departments often use different spreadsheets, and different programs to enter various types of data. With BlueCherry PLM all information is standardized and input once so everyone in the chain can access it and create whatever reports are needed, giving you better visibility of the entire process.

• Save time and money—By eliminating redundant data entry, communication gaps and human error, some customers have improved productivity by up to 40%.

BlueCherry PLM by CGS - Colorway• Product Data Management – Manage every aspect of your product development process from concept to production: designs and styles, including images, collection information, grading templates, measurements, construction details, label placement and Tech Packs.

• Design & Style Management – Manage your designs, styles and collections from pre-production to final delivery in one integrated solution.

• Fabric & Trim Management – Create, track and manage approvals of fabric and trim sample orders and create fabric and trim libraries, complete with pictures, to give your design and production teams centralized access to approved items.

• Color Management – Track lab dips and strike-offs through their entire approval process, including sample requests. BlueCherry PLM also includes the ability to create color libraries.

• Sample Management – Communicate with vendors and track the progress of all samples throughout the development and production process.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management – Manage every detail of a garment to be produced. BlueCherry PLM also supports multiple BOMs.

• Line Planning & Merchandising – Plan and forecast your collections across every channel, including retail, wholesale, e-commerce and even catalog.

• Costing – Solicit, track and manage cost estimates and final quotes from multiple vendors, then easily generate purchase orders without re-keying data into a separate system.

• Approvals – Track approvals of designs, styles, fabrics, trims and every other element created within the system in real-time.

• Reporting – Generate robust reports to give complete visibility into the entire design to production process. BlueCherry PLM includes a user-friendly drag-and-drop report-building engine that gives non-technical users the ability to create, promote and share reports.

• Time & Action Calendar – Tightly manage the entire development and production process, assigning tasks, milestones and due dates both internally and with external vendors.

• Supply Chain Collaboration – Collaborate with business partners across the street or around the world through a permission-based web portal. BlueCherry Collaborative Supply Chain (CSC) bridges the gap between development and manufacturing, giving you the ability to generate and track RFQs, track manufacturing progress, receive shipping notification, request and manage sample evaluations and much more.

• Workflow – Automate complex manual processes to gain production efficiencies, including task assignment and approvals.

BlueCherry PLM by CGS - Construction

• Fully Integrated with BlueCherry ERP – Take advantage of the full power of the BlueCherry Enterprise suite to give your company control of your entire operation from design floor to showroom.

• Easy, Familiar Interface – BlueCherry PLM, as with the entire BlueCherry suite, leverages familiar Microsoft Office user objects, like ribbons, tabs, grids and even hot keys to reduce the learning curve and enhance productivity.

Multi-lingual/Multi-currency – BlueCherry easily accommodates any language through configurable label modules, even supporting complex double-byte Asian languages. Multiple currencies can also be leveraged throughout the system, even on the same style. BlueCherry supports currency translation using time-phased data from 3rd party providers.

BlueCherry PLM by CGS


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To learn more about BlueCherry and BlueCherry PLM, visit www.bluecherry.com or call us at 212-408-3833.

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