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Corset Story implements Cloud PLM Software from WFX


April 16th, 2014

Corset Story has been one of the big fashion success stories of the past decade. The company’s forty nation reach comes from an almost fanatical fan-base that is both fed by masterful use of social media and feeds the company’s innovation and development.

As one of the largest corset retailers in the world, this rapid growth needs support that is tailored to its unique business model – a bit like Corset Story’s products – in-house development has to be flexible, powerful and appealing if it’s to achieve the results desired!

Corset Story chose WFX cloud-based PLM for its:

  • Sophistication. Corset Story has a savvy and demanding customer base that expects to be both surprised and satisfied by each new collection and concept – their PLM system needs to be rigorous with data but eminently creative in use, so that the unique Corset Story flair can continue to shine through whilst maintaining explicit and implicit product and manufacturing values.
  • Ultra-Rapid Deployment. Targeted at five weeks from initial implementation to completed core development training, meaning the Corset Story team will be fully equipped to use this powerful new system for design, development, material management, approvals and critical path management in its very first season.
  • Project Implementation. This is being delivered by the same team – led by fashion business consultant and mentor Ben Muis – that recently completed the successful MCS implementation in Italy.
  • Ongoing Support and Development. The remaining extended functions of WFX, which add depth to the development and data processes, will give enhanced capacity after the first season and WFX will train the Corset Story team in these amplified areas once the first season is over.

Apparel is an unforgiving sector – mistakes are always costly and can be fatal. For a fashion brand like Corset Story to opt for WFX cloud PLM shows that this PLM system is winning new adherents every day. Why? Because its flexibility, scalability and ease of use make it the perfect structure to underpin the creative development of fashion businesses worldwide.


Corset Story was founded in 2008 and has quickly grown to become probably the largest supplier of corsets in the world with sales in over 40 different countries.

Corset-Story tailor 1000’s of garments every week and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in design.

They have over 150 tailors in their specialist and modern overseas manufacturing base, where the company carefully control material costs and develop and train specialists for every part of the tailoring process to reduce costs to customers while maintaining the highest standards.

About WFX

WFX stands for World Fashion Exchange Inc. The company is a leader in the Cloud based Fashion PLM & ERP market with clients across multiple continents. Its main product is the WFX Fashion PLM & ERP system, which has over 15,000 users across 400 fashion companies.

WFX’s cloud-based delivery platform requires no investment in hardware, software, or IT infrastructure and requires no IT support. WFX PLM & ERP allows fashion companies to gain efficiencies throughout the product lifecycle which reduce costs, improve quality, shorten time to market, and increase profitability.  www.wfxondemand.com

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